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Crazy Spooky Fun: Halloween 2013 at Bronto

November 1, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

Halloween at Bronto is a big event. Employees are strongly encouraged to dress up and participate in the festivities. Check out the winning costumes and an overview of the day's events.

Halloween continues to be one of the biggest celebrations here at Bronto. If you don’t dress up, then you run the risk of being publicity shamed at our annual Halloween Party, so put it this way, dressing up is serious business here at Bronto!

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Friends & Family, Flash Sale, Free Shipping- 3 Campaigns to Fuel Holiday Revenue!

October 30, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

Looking for other potential campaigns to increase holiday revenue? Look no further than these three campaigns that are known to boost revenue. Read as Bronto Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs outlines Friends & Family, Flash Sale and Free Shipping campaigns.

The holidays are around the corner and as Bronto Marketing Strategist Fawn Young discussed in her latest post, 5 Tactics to include in Your Holiday Plan, you should already have a good sense of your holiday plan for this season.  With that said there are three campaigns that you want to make sure are part of your calendar:  Friends & Family, Flash Sale, and Free Shipping.

These three campaigns are known to boost revenue during the holiday season year after year, so let’s discuss how to easily execute these campaigns.

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4 Quick Campaigns that Drive Revenue

July 9, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

Do you know the key campaigns to help drive your revenue? Find out as Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs takes you through four simple campaigns that are proven revenue-drivers.

As a Marketing Strategist at Bronto, a question that I am often asked by my clients is, what are some of the key campaigns that will help drive revenue?  Although there are many factors that go into the answer to this question (your industry, your audience, your content, your sending cadence), there are staple campaigns that I recommend and believe are fundamentals to a successful, commerce-driven email program.

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Split Testing: The Quick Way to Increase Conversions!

June 4, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

Test, test, test and test again! This mantra is key to commerce marketers, but some marketers underutilize or underestimate the power of testing. Bronto Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs outlines two different types of testing options and four ways to test to determine how to best optimize your campaigns.

Recently at the Bronto Summit, the topic of split testing was mentioned frequently as one of the most underutilized, but effective tactics a marketer can implement.  The better your campaigns are, the higher conversions you are going to generate.
If you use the Bronto Marketing Platform, you have two options for testing:
A/B Winner allows you to test several groups against each other and then have the winning content sent to the remainder of your targeted contacts.  This approach will allow you to see your message effectiveness, but may take longer to build a larger sample size.
Champion Challenger is a test between two groups where you can see the results after the test is run.  This is a great way to test if you do not have a lot of time, because you can run a quick test and then evaluate the results after the fact. 
To learn more about testing in Bronto, check out The ABCs of A/B Split Testing. Ideally testing should be an easy process that you can implement with nearly all of your campaigns.
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Remailing: It's Like Printing Money!

April 4, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

An often underutilized tactic, remailing is simple, easy and can have an immediate impact on revenue. Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines key tactics for implementing remailing in this Bronto Strategy Blog post.

Want to have an immediate impact on revenue?  Remailing can do just that, however you want to be thoughtful and strategic when remailing.  Let’s discuss some best practices tips that you need to consider when remailing.

Just to be clear, Remailing is defined as sending out your original campaign, giving it a second chance, and sending to those contacts that did not open.  There are key factors that you want to consider in order to see true success from remailing.

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Bring them Back! Quick Tips to Engage Subscribers

March 21, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

Un-engaged subscribers can hurt your metrics, deliverability and ultimately cost you money. Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines key quick tips for ways to re-engage subscribers before removing them from your list.

Now that the holidays are well behind us, it’s a perfect time to evaluate your subscriber list and do a bit of house cleaning. Many marketers will find that their lists have a number of subscribers who aren't engaging and are weighing down important metrics

Why waste your marketing dollars on subscribers who are not opening your messages?! Un-engaged subscribers can not only drive down your metrics, but they can also hurt your deliverability. Before you remove these inactive contacts from your list by running a make-up or break-up campaign, it is important to give these subscribers every opportunity to engage with you before you officially cut them off. By implementing a re-engagement series, the goal is to incentivize and grab the subscriber's attention before you lose them completely.

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Get the Sign Up: Landing Page Best Practices

February 5, 2013 -- Kellie Boggs

Often overlooked, sign up thank you pages offer a great opportunity to extend your branding and encourage subscribers to keep shopping. Read tips to optimizing your sign up landing page by Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs.

Hopefully you have had a chance to optimize your email sign up form and really evaluate the design and layout of the form itself.  If not, then I definitely recommend you check out my previous posts, Get the Form: Stand out and Entice, and Get the Sign Up: Improve the form.   The next important piece in this process is optimizing your landing page.  As soon as a subscriber sign ups for your emails this is your opportunity to make a good impression, set expectations, and hopefully get them to covert, so let’s discuss tips on how to effectively do this.

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Get the Sign Up: Improve the Form

December 18, 2012 -- Kellie Boggs

Email acquisition is a key part of email marketing. Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines some great sign-up form options along with data fields that email marketers should consider when constructing or revising their email marketing sign-up form.

In my last post I discussed how to entice visitors to become subscribers by making your sign-up form stand out.  In this post I will discuss how to organize the form and gather valuable information that can be used later down the road. 

Sign-Up Design & Layout

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Get the Sign Up: Stand Out and Entice

October 30, 2012 -- Kellie Boggs

Your email sign-up form is critical to your organic list growth. Check out these helpful tips on how you can optimize your sign-up form to increase your email list size.

Organically growing your list is a critical element of any email marketing program.  One of the best ways to do so is to have a clear and compelling email sign-up.  Earlier on the Bronto Blog, Kristen Gregory talked about the importance of evaluating and optimizing " the first few touchpoints in the process: the sign-up location, form, subscription landing page and the welcome message."  By doing this exercise you are setting up your email program for true success.  Check out the examples below that hopefully will motivate you to evaluate your sign up process.

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In the Next 10 Minutes: Fine Tune Your Unsubscribe Page to Retain Subscribers

September 27, 2012 -- Kellie Boggs

Your last chance to retain subscribers is the unsubscribe page, read these helpful tips on how you can maximize your unsubscribe page in an attempt to retain subscribers and lower spam complaints.

The holidays are just around the corner and now is a great time to evaluate your unsubscribe page and ensure it exhibits best practices.  My prediction is this page is not something you spend a lot of time evaluating, but it's important because you want to keep as many people on your list as possible.  This unsubscribe page should help users update their email preferences and increase relevancy instead of having them completely unsubscribe.  Remember, you want to remind the subscribers what they will be missing out on by choosing to unsubscribe. 

Now let’s discuss some fundamentals items to consider when optimizing your unsubscribe page:

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