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Biggest Challenge for Marketers in 2014?

For 2014 its more important than ever to optimize your campaigns for mobile as the percentage of subscribers viewing your emails on some type of mobile device increase each year. Bronto Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs outlines some important tips to consider when designing campaigns.

Keys to Successfully Driving Valentine's Day Purchases

Trying to get lovebirds to buy for Valentine's Day? Check out four campaign ideas from Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, that are sure to get subscribers shopping.

What now? Marketing Campaigns to Cure the Post-Holiday Blues

Don't fall into a post-holiday sales slump. Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines three tactics to help continue sales into the new year.

Crazy Spooky Fun: Halloween 2013 at Bronto

Halloween at Bronto is a big event. Employees are strongly encouraged to dress up and participate in the festivities. Check out the winning costumes and an overview of the day's events.

Friends & Family, Flash Sale, Free Shipping- 3 Campaigns to Fuel Holiday Revenue!

Looking for other potential campaigns to increase holiday revenue? Look no further than these three campaigns that are known to boost revenue. Read as Bronto Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs outlines Friends & Family, Flash Sale and Free Shipping campaigns.

4 Quick Campaigns that Drive Revenue

Do you know the key campaigns to help drive your revenue? Find out as Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs takes you through four simple campaigns that are proven revenue-drivers.

Split Testing: The Quick Way to Increase Conversions!

Test, test, test and test again! This mantra is key to commerce marketers, but some marketers underutilize or underestimate the power of testing. Bronto Marketing Strategist Kellie Boggs outlines two different types of testing options and four ways to test to determine how to best optimize your campaigns.

Remailing: It's Like Printing Money!

An often underutilized tactic, remailing is simple, easy and can have an immediate impact on revenue. Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines key tactics for implementing remailing in this Bronto Strategy Blog post.

Bring them Back! Quick Tips to Engage Subscribers

Un-engaged subscribers can hurt your metrics, deliverability and ultimately cost you money. Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines key quick tips for ways to re-engage subscribers before removing them from your list.

Get the Sign Up: Landing Page Best Practices

Often overlooked, sign up thank you pages offer a great opportunity to extend your branding and encourage subscribers to keep shopping. Read tips to optimizing your sign up landing page by Bronto Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs.