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Push Repeat Purchases via a Loyalty Program

March 8, 2012 -- Kristen Gregory

Treat your best customers to a VIP program. This email program drives purchases and customer retention.

VIPThe long-term goal for most marketers out there is to gain customers and successfully keep them coming back for more. One way to drive repeat purchases is to develop a loyalty program that incentivizes the customer to continue to purchase through your company - rather than looking elsewhere. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to run a loyalty program is through leveraging your email marketing platform.

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8 Key Ways to Keep Subscribers Engaged

January 26, 2012 -- Kristen Gregory

Engagement is key to developing relationships with customers and ultimately driving revenue. Here are 8 ways to help keep subscribers engaged.

You’ve worked hard to get people onto your email marketing list, but that’s only part of the battle. What are the things you need to do to make sure people not only stay ON the list, but stay engaged and interact with your messages? Here are 8 key ways to keep subscribers engaged through their lifecycle:

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Before Black Friday: Inbox Observations & Takeaways for 2012

December 8, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

Analysis of the influx of email messages sent before Black Friday 2011.

Everyone with an email account knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important days for retailers.  In recent years, we’ve started to see the deepest discounts and special offers make their appearance earlier - as on Thanksgiving Day - with businesses eager to get a leg up on competitors and potentially get first crack at consumers’ holiday spend.

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Suppress Select Contacts for Smart Holiday Marketing

November 2, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

With increased competition during a busy holiday season, make sure you don't waste your email efforts by sending to inactive contacts.

Holiday EnvelopeAs we enter November, we are inevitably, rather undeniably, in the holiday season – a time when lots of retailers ramp their send frequency.

Understandably, increasing the number of sends to subscribers has some marketers concerned. How do we make sure to be in the game and aggressive enough, without turning off our customers and/or encountering deliverability issues?

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SMS: Ideas for Communicating with Customers via Text-Messaging

September 7, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software explains how marketers can use SMS to communicate with customers and keep from annoying them, including ideas such as texting to sign-up for email, participating in limited-time events, location-based alerts, running contests and more.

To the average mobile phone user, the idea of brands interacting via text messages is somewhat of a turn-off. Text messages are more private - usually coming from the people that matter to us most in life with some kind of information we need to process right away. To put that kind of "immediate attention" and interruption power into the hands of major companies is often undesirable.

So, as a marketer, how could you possibly leverage SMS in a way that would be accepted by customers?

Here are some of our ideas - all of which would require a consumer's opt-in or initiation:

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SMS May Be Your New Favorite Way to Gain Email Subscribers

August 23, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software highlights the benefits of using SMS or text messages to build your email list, including instant welcome messages, reduced typos and more.

iPhone SMSGot brick-and-mortar stores?

Send packages to people in the mail that contain their purchases?

Give people receipts?

If you sell anything at all, chances are that this applies to you.

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Get a Personality & Leverage Social Media to Keep Email Subscribers Engaged

August 16, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software explores ways that email marketers can drive better email engagement with subscribers by leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Humanizing your business can go a long way to driving better relationships with your customers and go ahead, get a personality.

This can mean literally putting a face (or faces) in your messages like you see here in at the top of one of Saddleback's newsletters:

Saddleback newsletter introduction

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21 Ways to Build Your Email List Organically

August 5, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software shares 21 ways to build your list organically and encourages you to register for the webinar on August 17th that will cover in-depth best practices and client successes in this arena with partner Fifth Gear.

GrowthAcquiring new subscribers is critical for the continued success of an email marketing program. Taking into account churn (losing contacts), if you have subscriber goals that you need to meet, you have to not only make up for lost subscribers but continuously build your email list. In evaluating ways to grow your list, I highly recommend growing your list organically.

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Will You Stay Or Will You Go Now? How to Successfully Run a Make-Up or Break-Up Campaign

August 3, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

Inactive subscribers hurt your email deliverability and cost you money. Bronto's Kristen Gregory outlines ways to run a successful campaign to say goodbye to those inactives and bring back those who still show interest.

Ideally, your company is doing an amazing job of keeping subscribers engaged through smart lifecycle triggers, segmentation,

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Optimizing Revenue for 12-Hour Sales

July 19, 2011 -- Kristen Gregory

How can you generate the most revenue from a 12-hour sale? Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software evaluates two 12-hour sales and offers pointers on timing and providing notice.

Yesterday, two different 12-hour sales were going on and advertised via email. Timing of these events and the advance notice associated will surely affect the revenue generated. Let’s take a closer look.

Company #1: Ann Taylor Loft

I received the following message at 5:06 pm Sunday (hours before the sale):

Subject line: TONIGHT: Check Your Inbox At 8 PM E.S.T. For A SPECIAL SHOPPING EVENT

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