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More Data: Jump On It!

March 10, 2009 -- Kristen Gregory

Bronto Account Manager, Kristen Gregory, discusses best practices for using data to improve email marketing campaign metrics.

Your data is talking to you. If you're not taking the time to listen, evaluate, and ultimately act, you could be missing some big messages, such as:

"Your email is boring, the offer never changes and no one opens your messages anymore. Yawn."

"You are emailing far too many people than would ever care about this offer."

"Your new preheader has increased clicks."

"Your landing pages stink."

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Data: Jump on it!

February 23, 2009 -- Kristen Gregory

Email marketing data is valuable to realize ROI and prove value. So, what do you do with the data from your email marketing program? Data means nothing unless you take time to analyze it and then take actions based what you learn.

No Man is an Iland Data CartoonWhat do you do with the data from your email marketing program? Do you review a report, shout "Interesting!" and move on to doing the same thing you've always done? Or do you print it out and dump a stack of papers on your boss's desk?

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Drop Your Email List's Dead Weight Without Sacrificing ROI

January 30, 2009 -- Kristen Gregory

Bronto Software reviews how to re-engage and clean your list through five easy steps. Remove those people who do not open your emails today by sending a manage preferences email to the inactive portion of your lists and segments.

Gmail delete Do you ever repeatedly - for consecutive weeks or months - delete emails instead of unsubscribing? Come on. Admit it. You do. We all do.

From the perspective of an email marketer, this presents a unique challenge...and an opportunity.

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Just say no to "e-blast": 4 ways to get relevant data now

January 5, 2009 -- Kristen Gregory

Consider abandoning the "batch-and-blast" approach of email marketing if you want to improve your metrics. 4 steps to get started now.

E-BLAST. I'm not sure DJ Waldow has hated any other word more. If you've been paying attention, he's not the only one out there stating the "batch-and-blast" approach of email marketing should be abandoned if you want killer results.

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