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Advertising Facebook Chats: Considerations for Success

Bronto's Kristen Gregory outlines a great plan to leverage your Facebook page and customer interaction through email. Read how you can promote everything from an upcoming Facebook chat via the email, social links & "Likes" and timing considerations.

Lifecycle Marketing: How to Keep Subscribers Engaged at Every Relationship Stage

Now more than ever, marketers have to step up their game when it comes to email relevancy. With many factors working against getting in the inbox, it's up to you the marketer to engage your subscribers at every stage of the relationship. Bronto Director of Strategic Services, Kristen Gregory, lays out a plan of how you can embrace lifecycle marketing to keep your subscribers wanting more.

Template Time: Balancing HTML Text and Image

Are you relying on images in your email to convey messages? You might want to think twice about this tactic, as Kristen Gregory outlines the reasons why images can hurt your email campaigns.

How to Best Market Your Web Site Relaunch

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategist Kristen Gregory offers top-notch tips to best market your new Web site or Web site relaunch, including offering incentives and interactive elements to encourage engagement and more.

Email Strategy Roundtable: Segmentation Suggestion - Shiny Object vs Timeless Classic

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategy team discusses segmentation and targeted messaging based on past purchase history.

9 Tips for Testing Success

Bronto Email Marketing Strategist, Kristen Gregory, lays out 9 great tips for testing success. These tips are both easy to implement and maintain and are instrumental in building and maintaining your email marketing program.

An Uncommonly Good Email Approach: Leveraging Ratings & Reviews

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategist Kristen Gregory examines a recent email from Uncommon Goods, highlighting the value of leveraging customer reviews, ratings and testimonials.

Informative + Helpful = Stand-Out Messages That Sell

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategist Kristen Gregory offers ideas to get more people to care about your products and boost revenue, through being informative and helpful. Informational content can help you sell!

Post-Purchase Opportunities: How to Build Loyal Buyers

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategist Kristen Gregory discusses how you can take advantage of the post-purchase period to create a positive customers experience that will lead to loyalty.

Product Review Requests: Recommendations for Success

Kristen Gregory, Email Marketing Strategist at Bronto Software, shares her recommendations for successful gathering product reviews and, subsequently, boost sales.