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Email Strategy Roundtable: Double-Dog Dares

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategy team offers their email marketing challenges, ranging from advanced trigger email campaigns to re-engagement strategy to welcome series to social media ideas to grow your list.

April Fools' Emails: Fun Ways to Create Serious Engagement

Kristen Gregory, Email Marketing Strategist of Bronto Software, takes a look at this year's notable April Fools' Emails and suggests that through incorporation of holiday themes (via copy tweaks, holiday-related products, video and social media initiatives), marketers can create a high level of engagement.

Email Strategy Roundtable: Listen & Engage Using Social Media

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategists discuss the importance of listening in social media spaces and developing engaging content to keep subscribers interested, interacting and loyal.

Optimize Your Sign-Up Part 3: Landing Page & Welcome Message Musts

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software shares the secrets for boosting your sign-ups, building better relationships and increasing revenue through subscription landing page and welcome message optimization.

Email Strategists' Round Table: What Facebook's Email Platform Means for Marketers

Bronto Software's Email Marketing Strategists tackle what Facebook's new email system, Project Titan, really means for the future of email marketing and what marketers need to consider.

Optimize Your Sign-Up Part 2: Finessing the Form

The information you gather is only as good as the sign-up form you create. Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software explores optimizing your sign-up to gather the best data for better targeting, segmentation and relevance to drive results.

How to Handle Those Semi-Engaged Subscribers

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software offers suggestions for approaching semi-engaged subscribers, including lowering frequency, targeting and segmenting based on past behavior, sending surveys, manage preferences campaigns and more.

Optimize Your Email Sign-Up Part 1: Stand Out & Entice

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software outlines how you can optimize your sign-up to get the most people noticing and opting-into your email program. She covers how to get your sign-up noticed, where it should be located and how to sell the sign-up and set proper expectations.

Improve Engagement for Best Deliverability - Social Media Can Help

Engage, engage, engage. Beyond email, Bronto's Kristen Gregory explains ways through social media you can help improve engagement for deliverability's sake.

Simple Questions to Shape Your Holiday Marketing Plans

Bronto Software helps you shape your holiday marketing plans by asking some critical questions around email timing, frequency, holiday graphics and footers, animated gifs and video, shipping deadlines, gift cards, wish lists and more.