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Don't Stop Sending in the Off-Season: Email Ideas to Nurture Relationships

Don't stop sending in the off-season and risk losing your contact's interest and up-to-date information. Bronto Software tells you how to nurture your relationships during this time via surveys, manage preferences campaigns, contests, automated messages and more.

Best of the Blogosphere: Week of 7/20

Even though it's sweltering in most parts of the country in Mid-July, smart marketers are already thinking about holiday marketing preparation, including smarter opt-in and manage preferences campaigns to avoid overmailing and gathering reviews. Also gain insight on fixing complaint rate problems and subject line tactics!

Best Practices for Running Refer-A-Friend Campaigns

Bronto Software offers tips to create the most effective refer-a-friend campaign including getting permission, using personalization, clearly setting expectations, and triggering welcome messages.

10 Automated Messages That Rock

Bronto Software offers ideas for automated message rules based on fields and behavior that will result in more targeted, successful campaigns, including birthday emails, renewal messages, gift reminders, balance updates, welcome emails, remails and more.

Channel Analysis: The Impact of the Economy On Email Marketing

Bronto Software shares the impact the economy is having on email marketing, including the necessity to incorporate further segmentation, lifecycle marketing through trigger messages and other value-add content to retain customers and survive the recession.

6 Considerations to Lower Complaints & Improve Your Sender Reputation

Bronto Software offers suggestions to lower complaints and improve your sender reputation and deliverability through permission marketing, frequency, setting proper expectations, improving relevance, better subject lines and more.

10 Suggestions to Improve Email Templates

Whether you're creating a template from scratch or hoping to improve your current template, here are some quick suggestions for optimizing results from top to bottom.

Even More Data! Jump On It! (Part 3)

We've already explored some of the more obvious metrics in email marketing and how to tweak your practices for better results in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Jump on It! series.  This last installment will cover some other metrics that tend to get overlooked when formulating an email marketing strategy.

More Data: Jump On It!

Bronto Account Manager, Kristen Gregory, discusses best practices for using data to improve email marketing campaign metrics.

Data: Jump on it!

Email marketing data is valuable to realize ROI and prove value. So, what do you do with the data from your email marketing program? Data means nothing unless you take time to analyze it and then take actions based what you learn.