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Kelly Lorenz    March 9, 2011

RFM is like a crystal ball into the future of your customer's behaviors. In the third and final part of Kelly Lorenz's series on RFM, she challenges the reader to get those top performing customers to buy more and those lower performing customers to just start buying!

Kelly Lorenz    March 3, 2011

First we examined the analysis and segmentation portion of RFM, now let's look how to create and optimize messaging to those segments. Bronto Email Marketing Strategist, Kelly Lorenz, discusses how to target the cream of the crop vs. lower performing segments.

Kelly Lorenz    February 24, 2011

RFM modeling is a powerful tool for marketers. It is a concept taken from direct mail that has been adapted to online, and as we're going to look at today, email. RFM analysis and segmentation takes the sum of past behavior to predict future behavior and adjusts messaging to target that future behavior.

MountainsPlus multi-sale message
Kelly Lorenz    January 11, 2011

Don't ignore your subscribers on mobile, Facebook or those who prefer text messages. This growing segment needs clean, concise messages that render perfectly. Bronto Email Marketing Strategist, Kelly Lorenz, gives you examples and three key takeaways on how to design for text emails.

Tape Measure
Kelly Lorenz    January 6, 2011

You've put in the hard work, is it time to just sit back? Not just yet...Q1 is the perfect time to analyze your Q4 results. Bronto Email Marketing Strategist Kelly Lorenz walks you through short and long term analysis goals for holiday results.

Fred Flare Homepage
Caroline Smith Riddle    November 11, 2010

There are many simple ways to help improve your sign-up form to help grow your opt-in list and gather data. Read more about the ways retailers have changed their approach in positioning their sign-up forms and the data they gather.

Radio Show
Caroline Smith Riddle    November 3, 2010

Last week Bronto Email Marketing Strategist, Kelly Lorenz and Bronto client, Nathan Maxwell joined the good folks at The eMail Guide for their weekly radio show to discuss the hows and whys of email marketing testing. Missed the show? You can listen to it in its entirety here on the Email Guide's website