Kestrel Lemen    November 28, 2012
Social Media Marketing

With big changes at Facebook afoot, what will it mean for marketers? Bronto's Kestrel Lemen addresses the changes and how marketers can tailor their messaging and approach to help encourage fan engagement.

Anna Pfeiffer    June 26, 2012
Social Media Marketing

What is social gifting and how can you use it to drive revenue? Anna Pfeiffer, explains the benefits of social gifting and how you can utilize this new tactic.

Kellie Boggs    June 14, 2012
Social Media Marketing

Maximize your social reach by integrating your Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Read as Marketing Strategist, Kellie Boggs, outlines why this can help keep users engaged and how you can use social interactions in your marketing campaigns.

Facebook Like
Anna Pfeiffer    April 3, 2012
Social Media Marketing

Engaging fans and customers on Facebook is essential to growing relationships. Read about the recent changes to Facebook that change the way marketers can drive fans and explore new tactics to grow your fan base.

Cross channel Promotions
Emily Keye    November 29, 2011
Engaged Commerce

Tips to building a cross channel promotion strategy with email, mobile and social messaging.

Hand Clicking a Like Button
Jim Davidson    September 27, 2011
Social Media Marketing

The social landscape is changing daily, be sure you have all your social basics covered through "Simply Social - How to Cover the Basics."

Saddleback newsletter introduction
Kristen Gregory    August 16, 2011

Kristen Gregory of Bronto Software explores ways that email marketers can drive better email engagement with subscribers by leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Kristen Gregory    July 7, 2011

Bronto's Kristen Gregory outlines a great plan to leverage your Facebook page and customer interaction through email. Read how you can promote everything from an upcoming Facebook chat via the email, social links & "Likes" and timing considerations.

Caroline Smith Riddle    February 4, 2011

Social isn't just a world of freebies and discounts, it's full of relevant conversations that build relationships. Learn about Bed Bath & Beyond's approach on extending their social reach while engaging conversations.

MountainsPlus multi-sale message
Kelly Lorenz    January 11, 2011

Don't ignore your subscribers on mobile, Facebook or those who prefer text messages. This growing segment needs clean, concise messages that render perfectly. Bronto Email Marketing Strategist, Kelly Lorenz, gives you examples and three key takeaways on how to design for text emails.