One Click Ventures

Multi-concept retailer’s smart marketing strategies lead to 142% revenue growth
One Click Ventures

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One Click Ventures is a premier internet retailer, owning and operating nine concept e-stores ranging from fashionable handbags and sunglasses, to reading glasses and travel products.

Before they became a customer of Bronto Software, One Click used an email service provider that lacked the strategic approach to interactive marketing. They typically ran batch and blast sends with poor results.

With Bronto, One Click takes the smart, targeted approach they always wanted to pursue, resulting in dramatic improvements in email revenue. They employ a number of email strategies that have proven enormously successful:

1. Remailing

Starting with simple reminder emails to all subscribers, One Click has evolved into using Bronto’s automation to set up an auto-running resend of a slightly modified message to only those who either opened and didn't convert, or didn't open the first message at all. Modifications are made to the subject line or opening message and the second message is sent within one to four days of the original message.

Result: Remailing now accounts for 11% of the email revenue.

2. Triggered emails

Welcome emails, shopping cart abandonment, and list cleansing are all event-driven messages that One Click creates using Bronto’s automation, pulling data via API integrations.

Result: One Click’s abandoned cart messages convert 175% better than their average email sends.

One Click also makes the most of transactional messages. Although they were earning revenue from order and shipping confirmations before switching to Bronto, they weren’t able to track conversions, include images in the messages, or optimize them for inbox placement.

The result of these tactics is that transactional messages account for 11% of One Click’s email revenue.

3. List cleansing

Most marketers don’t think of list hygiene as an opportunity to drive revenue. But One Click has shown that it can be. This spring, they sent creative list cleansing messages to subscribers who had been inactive for 6 months.

Result: 143% lift in conversion over their average email campaigns.

In addition to these strategies, much of One Click’s email marketing success is due to the creativity of its marketing team. One eye catching campaign that was very successful in terms of both revenue impact and branding was their April Fools’ Campaigns. The beauty of it is that this set of highly conceptual creative messages achieved a major revenue impact without a product or deal-focused message.

The sunglasses version of the campaign, which featured an email promoting "moonglasses" that captured subscribers’ attention by promising to brighten your vision at night, generated impressive results. Compared to their average email campaign, the April Fools' campaign had:

  • +20% Open Rate
  • +67% Click Rate
  • +24% Revenue

One Click has shown what can be done when retailers develop smart strategies and leverage the commerce-focused Bronto Marketing Platform. Their overall result? A year-over-year revenue increase of 142% in the first year on the Bronto platform.

"I love working with the Bronto team. Since we partnered with them, they've been dedicated to helping us succeed while continually improving their solution and service."
- Alessandra Souers, Director of Email Marketing