Automated Messages for Product Reviews realized 20% Lift in Conversion Rates.

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Company Overview

Roku is a market leader in innovative applications for digital media, opening up a new world of entertainment to the TV. Their best known consumer product is the Roku digital video player. They sell their products online at and via To date, email is the only method Roku uses for communicating with customers.

Since many customers initially learned about the product from the website, it is important to Roku to continue the positive experience after the customer receives the product. They use email to build the relationship and have defined three phases of communication post-purchase: welcome, review request, and a survey.

Several automated messages are set up to engage the customer:

Welcome Message: 15 Days Post-Purchase

Because the product is shipped, Roku allows 15 days to pass before welcoming the customer to the Roku community. This allows time to receive the package and take time to set it up. The content of this message is geared toward getting the product used quickly so that the customer doesn’t return the product.

Roku measures success of this message through return rates. Return rates were already low, but the welcome message has helped influence the drop in return rates.

Review Request: 30 Days Post-Purchase

Working on the assumption that the customer has tried the product after 30 days, Roku prompts the customer with a request to visit the website and write a review. At this stage in ownership, the product is still new, the customer is still enjoying the product, and is more likely to write a positive review. At the time of this writing, this message has been running for about 5 months and has generated over 17,000 reviews! These reviews can directly be attributed to the email prompt. This is a huge coup for Roku as they have been able to track the reviews to a 20% lift in conversion rates from the product pages of their website. Seeing reviews, both positive and negative, has a direct impact on purchase behavior.

Survey for Feedback: 45 Days Post-Purchase

Finishing off the automated message series for new customers is a survey sent 45 days after purchase. The survey is product specific and is used to generate feedback on the buying experience. Response rates are high for an online survey – around 10%.

While this data is not used for further segmenting, Roku does keep tabs on those that respond to surveys as they are the most engaged. In the future, these customers may be approached for a VIP or beta type program.

Overall, Roku has been very pleased with the value that the Bronto platform has brought to their marketing. With only one resource for email marketing, and with that resource also handling many other responsibilities, the automation has helped increase efficiency while also generating positive results through lower return rates, high customer reviews, and customer feedback.