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Formed in 1997 by the merger of totes and ISOTONER, the totes»ISOTONER Corporation has become the world's largest marketer of umbrellas, gloves, slippers, and other weather-related accessories. The company, with more than 1,200 employees and offices in Cincinnati, New York, Minneapolis, Maine, Toronto, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Manila in the Philippines, offers quality products from two of the most recognized apparel brand names in the world.

The Opportunity

By primarily selling through the brick-and-mortar channel - where customers can touch and feel the quality of its products - totes»ISOTONER has established itself a well-known and respected brand worldwide. This smart approach has allowed the company to thrive in a fiercely competitive industry during an extended time of economic uncertainty.

As eCommerce technology improved and more people began buying products on the Internet, totes»ISOTONER saw an opportunity to increase online sales, which historically represented only a small percentage of the company's overall revenues.

"We knew we needed to strengthen the online channel because it could significantly boost our business results," said Chris Reighley, Director of eCommerce for totes»ISOTONER. "The challenge was finding an eCommerce vendor that had the right platform and partnerships to allow us to successfully implement the innovative strategies we had in mind."

The MarketLive - Bronto Solution

In 2007, after a thorough evaluation, totes»ISOTONER selected MarketLive as the company to replace its home-grown site with a new state-of-the-art eCommerce solution. Shortly after the new site was launched, totes»ISOTONER implemented the Bronto Marketing Platform to reach customers with highly relevant marketing campaigns. "A key reason for choosing MarketLive was the tight integration it had with Bronto," said Reighley. "This made it very easy for us to implement Bronto's solution from both a process and technology standpoint."

Prior to Bronto, totes»ISOTONER used an email marketing solution that lacked in the level of sophistication the company wanted. Now with Bronto, the company has an advanced marketing automation platform built to drive eCommerce. Bronto brings together intelligent segmentation, targeting, and dynamic messaging to allow clients to deliver highly relevant marketing.

Because MarketLive's Intelligent Commerce platform leads the industry in performance, reliability, and scalability, totes»ISOTONER can continuously improve its site as new technologies and best practices become available. "With MarketLive, we don’t have to worry about holding back," said Reighley. "We are free to innovate and try new things that improve the site for our customers and increase the business results for the company."

Turning Shoppers Into Buyers

As a consumer-focused company, totes»ISOTONER does a lot of customer segmentation. The combined MarketLive-Bronto solution allows totes»ISOTONER to create a customer group within MarketLive and then use Bronto to create and execute relevant marketing campaigns targeted to that group. totes»ISOTONER can also build automated campaign workflows that are triggered by customer behaviors.

For example, totes»ISOTONER has created a group of customers it calls "lookers." These shoppers have visited the site, looked around, and yet for some reason or another, haven’t made a purchase. Importantly, this group of customers is interested enough in the totes»ISOTONER brand to have also signed up to receive email messages from the company. Using Bronto, totes»ISOTONER can now send these shoppers personalized, relevant messages and offers to convert them into actual buyers.

According to Reighley, running Bronto together with the MarketLive platform, totes>>ISOTONER has experienced a significant lift in revenue from both new and existing customers. Email-driven revenue is up more than 7,000% in just the past 14 months. While this type of increase was somewhat expected since the company wasn’t previously doing much in the way of promotional email programs, the bigger surprise was the impact on repeat customers.

Returning customers typically convert at a rate of 8.5 percent versus 3.5 percent for new visitors. In addition, their average order size is slightly larger. So, by focusing on campaigns and programs for increasing customer engagement with the totes>>ISOTONER brand, their overall value-per-visit is up a whopping 80 percent.

In the future, totes»ISOTONER will use Bronto to orchestrate campaigns across email, mobile, and social channels. "Our customers don't view us in terms of how they shop, they think about the overall experience we provide across all channels.

"MarketLive and Bronto make a winning combination," concluded Reighley. "MarketLive gives us the robust platform we need to anchor our online business while the seamless integration with Bronto allows us to engage with our customers on a personal basis. Together, MarketLive and Bronto improve our business results by turning shoppers into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers."