Bronto Customer Video Testimonial, Casey Kohner, Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes has used Bronto for their email marketing needs for over five years. Trek Email and Web Marketing Manager, Casey Kohner, discusses how using Bronto is a revenue driver for their B2B and B2C operations.

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Bornto Customer Success: Totes ISOTONER

Director of eCommerce, Chris Reighley of totes ISOTONER, discusses the importance of email marketing for driving revenue. Listen as Chris explains how they drove traffic and revenue with targeted, geographically segmented messages through Bronto. With Bronto, totes ISOTONER has not found another vendor, but more importantly a partner to help improve their business.

Multi-Channel Merchant
Bronto Customer Success: April Cornell

Leading women's clothing and home goods retailer, April Cornell, uses Bronto as their primary tool for driving customer engagement and sales. COO, Basil Stetson, discusses an impressive 40% YOY growth in sales after signing on with Bronto.

Online Retailer
Bronto Customer Video Testimonial, Laura Santos, Envelopes.com

Laura Santos, Marketing Manager at Envelopes.com, discusses their successful campaigns with Bronto. Listen as Lauren also talks about her experience with Bronto from the sales process to client support to strategy guidance.

Online Retailer
Bronto Customer Video Testimonial, Zachary Ciperski, CoffeeForLess.com

CoffeeForLess Vice President, Zachary Ciperski, talks about his experience using Bronto Software. Listen as Zachary talks about why email marketing with Bronto is an important part of CoffeeForLess' business model.

Online Retailer
Customer Success: Rock/Creek

Email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel at Rock Creek. Listen as Mark McKnight, eCommerce Director & Marketing Manager, discusses how they use email to drive sales online and in-store, and how they use QR code and mobile marketing through the Bronto Marketing Platform.

Multi-Channel Merchant
Bronto Customer Success Story: Vanity

With over 200 physical stores and an online store, Vanity bridges online and offline marketing through in-store POS email sign up. Marketing Coordinator, Amber Jackson, addresses the value of the Bronto Marketing Platform in sending targeted, relevant email and mobile alerts to customers.

Multi-Channel Merchant
Bronto Customer Testimonial, Vance McClure, ABC Fine Wines & Spirits

ABC Fine Wines & Spirits' Interactive Marketing Manager, Vance McClure, uses Bronto's advice, guidance and strategy to see impressive results in their email marketing campaigns. But that's not all, in Bronto, Vance sees another marketing team helping ABC with their overall strategy and goals.

Multi-Channel Merchant
Customer Success: Roland

Digital music instrument manufacturer Roland is a long-time Bronto client. Listen as John Hertzberg, Online Marketing Specialist, talks about how easy it is to create great messages, analyze results and produce reports in Bronto. He also describes how Roland utilizes Bronto's Strategy Service to help constantly improve their programs.

Branded Manufacturer
Bronto Customer Success: One Click Ventures

One Click Ventures' Director of Email Marketing, Alessandra Souers, discusses how crucial email marketing is to driving revenue, accounting for 17% of sales. Listen as Alessandra describes how her interactions with Bronto's award-winning support team have made her "Bronto's #1 Fan."