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The Goal

  • Improve customer loyalty.
  • Engage non-buyers.
  • Remove unengaged subscribers from list.

The Approach

  • Analyze subscriber base.
  • Replace batch-and-blast with segmentation.
  • Automate triggered emails such as a welcome series.

The Result

  • Actively works to engage customers.


Hunt Office (, is a leading provider of office supplies, offering standard supplies for the office, as well as technology and other office equipment. The company, based in Newcastle West, Ireland, has transitioned over the years from being strictly a bricks-and-mortar office supply business to being a fully-fledged ecommerce business. Hunt Office supplies everyone from SOHO to small businesses to multinationals.


Prior to working with Bronto as its marketing platform, Hunt Office was experiencing a number of problems and challenges in this area. Acquisition costs were high, conversions were low and the old system wasn’t bringing many customers back to the site to purchase again.

This led to setting a number of specific goals for email marketing; engage with non-buyers and move them towards their first purchase, improve customer loyalty to result in more repeat purchases, and decrease the amount of ‘dead weight’ or unengaged contacts from their list.

Solution and Results

Hunt Office worked quickly to leverage the Bronto Marketing Platform to deliver more targeted marketing, taking advantage of automation to do so. Hunt Office moved away from the batch-and-blast approach to one where they analyse and segment their subscribers based on data. What data was leveraged?

Behavioural Data: How a contact reacts to an email. Did they open? Did they click? How often do they open? How many emails have they NOT opened?

Past Purchase Data: Recency Frequency Monetary Value and order data, including last order date, total order value, products purchased, average order value and total revenue.

Hunt Office immediately targeted its unengaged audience, because it felt that money was being left on the table… and they were right! With an automated campaign set up in Bronto, the company sent personal emails to re-engage anyone who had not made a purchase in the past 60 days.

“We are importing order data and other customer data via the API,” says Director of Business Strategy, Tim Farrelly, “We’re taking in a lot of useful data, and in Bronto, I can see a person’s complete order history.” By utilising this data, Hunt Office is able to create segments and automated triggers to contact this audience.

Overall engagement is up since the implementation of smarter, more focused marketing. While using Bronto, frequency interaction (# visits, time between visits) has improved by 500%. “We are also driving far higher repeat purchasing. Our second order metric – meaning, customers returning to purchase again, is up 100% in the past year.”

Hunt Office also looked into addressing those prospects who had visited the site but never purchased and crafted a welcome series to send to all new subscribers. It began with the same series to everyone, but has evolved to a more customised message, where users are profiled into either home or business users and send a different welcome message series to these groups. The welcome series has a high engagement rate and consistently generates more revenue than any other email.

To solve the problem of one-time buyers and lackluster contacts, the company’s lists are cleansed on an ongoing basis. Hunt Office constantly works to improve the quality of the database, encouraging customers to either re-engage or unsubscribe and only email people who want to receive their email.

The impact of all of these efforts has been tremendous. Revenue from email marketing is up 22% in the last year. Now, 10% of the company’s revenue is driven by email marketing. And they’re not stopping there. Farrely says, “We believe we can grow our email revenue to 15% of overall revenue thanks to Bronto.”

Commenting on the company’s favourite aspects of Bronto, Farrelly says, “The ease of use, power and flexibility we have with the system make Bronto a pleasure to use. If everything worked this well, we’d be very happy.”

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