Sophisticated Features. Easy to Use.

The Bronto Marketing Platform is powerful, yet easy-to-use. Feature-rich and focused on marketing for commerce, Bronto helps you drive more revenue in less time with fewer resources.

Cart Recovery

Recover revenue from abandoned shopping carts.

  • Identify abandoned carts in near real-time.
  • Trigger automated, personalized cart recovery messages.
  • Track cart recovery metrics, including abandonment rates and recovery percentages.

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Bronto Cart Recovery App

Bronto Marketing Platform: Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation

Create precise, dynamic segments with an intuitive interface.

  • Target recent purchasers with cross- and up-sell items.
  • Re-engage lapsed purchasers with coupons.
  • Focus on first-time buyers to grow customer lifetime value.
  • Target consumers based on their geographic location.

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Combine business logic, behavior filtering, multiple channels and a wide range of actions to visually orchestrate campaign workflows with a drag-and-drop canvas.

  • Use customer events to automatically trigger campaigns.
  • Automate lifecycle campaigns based on order history.
  • Create campaigns that combine email, mobile and social.

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Bronto Marketing Platform: Manage the Customer Lifecycle

Bronto Marketing Platform: Integrations


Integrate Bronto with your business processes and e-commerce systems.

  • Take advantage of pre-built e-commerce integrations.
  • Use our flexible API to connect to any other data source.
  • Tap into Bronto our resource center for developers.

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Measure, analyze and optimize your campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle with precise data tracking and reporting.

  • Get real-time activity snapshots of campaign performance.
  • Easily create and export a wide range of actionable reports.
  • Compare messages and campaigns across key dimensions.

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Bronto Text-To-Join Activity Reports

Bronto Marketing Platform: Contact Management

Contact and List Management

Build and maintain a complete understanding of your customers with a master marketing database.

  • A full-featured Manage Preferences center.
  • Flexible contact and list management model.
  • Manage multiple brands with the Multi-Brand module.

Order Import

Import full past-purchase information for more informed and more targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns.

  • Import both email and non-email orders.
  • Leverage pre-built e-commerce integrations.
  • Use the Bronto API to connect to any other data source.

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Bronto Marketing Platform: Import order data into Bronto

Bronto Responsive Email Template Layouts

Responsive Design

Create one version of an email for optimal display on any mobile device.

  • Choose from a library of more than 130 templates.
  • Built-in responsive code adapts to your screen size.
  • Flexible editing for fast and easy customization.
  • Pre-built API tags for inserting product data.

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RFM Metrics

Know your customers’ average order value, last order total, total revenue and other metrics for more effective targeting.

  • Identify first-time buyers, VIP customers and more.
  • Build segments to enable lifecycle marketing campaigns.
  • Easily insert RFM values into messages.

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Bronto Marketing Platform: Build Segments based on past-purchase data

Bronto Marketing Platform: Transactional Messages

Transactional Messages

Create and send personal and branded transactional messages, complete with cross-sell and up-sell offers.

  • Tap into pre-built integrations with e-commerce platforms.
  • Connect to any e-commerce system with an open API.
  • Build loyalty and drive incremental revenue.

Mobile Features

Add the mobile channel to your marketing arsenal.

  • Create Text-to-Join and SMS messaging campaigns.
  • Generate QR codes directly within the Bronto application.
  • Create mobile-friendly campaigns with responsive design.

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Bronto SMS services messages

Bronto Marketing Platform: Built-in social features

Social Features

Leverage the power of social media to strengthen your email program.

  • Include social sharing links in emails to extend their reach.
  • Post messages to Twitter or Facebook directly from Bronto.
  • Track social media’s influence on your email marketing.

A/B Split Testing

Test your messages before sending for maximum impact.

  • Test the full content of your message.
  • View an A/B split comparison report for each test.
  • Select winner based on opens, clicks and conversions.
  • Automatically send the winning message to your list.

Bronto Marketing Platform - A/B Split Testing

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