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The Goal

  • Deploy an end-to-end commerce solution.
  • Eliminate dependence on developers.
  • Encourage customer loyalty through refill reminders.

The Approach

  • Segment customers by printer type.
  • Automate refill and replenishment emails.

The Result

  • 24% conversion on cart recovery.

Cartridges Direct needed simplicity. The Australia-based online printer cartridge supplier is up against a lot of competition – startups, established office supply companies, and retailers that sell refills or compatible products. The company deals exclusively in genuine ink and toner cartridges.

“People think selling cartridges is quick money,’’ says Xenia Williams, marketing manager for Cartridges Direct. The company offers same-day delivery to major Australian cities, free next-day shipping to the rest of Australia and has a Hong Kong operation.

For Cartridges Direct, the answer to staying ahead of the competition is an inclusive ecommerce platform. NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced with Bronto provides that.

“It’s better when one system runs both the back end and the front end – it saves money and time. With our old platform, we needed multiple systems to do what we can do with NetSuite plus Bronto,” Williams says.

Ditching Constant Calls to the Developer

Cartridges Direct’s old email provider didn’t offer many options. It was hard to segment and difficult to recover abandoned carts or customize pop-ups to help build the subscriber list. Anything more complicated than a batch-and-blast required developer help. When Williams discovered how much more she could do herself with Bronto, it made sense to switch.

“With our old platform, we needed multiple systems to do what we can do with NetSuite plus Bronto.”

Segmentation is particularly critical. Subscribers don’t want emails about cartridges that don’t work with their printers. “We go a bit crazy with segmentation. We only send out information with dynamic content that is relevant to what that customer has purchased.”

Williams can set up triggered replenishment emails based on past purchase history and has launched a successful re-engagement campaign that is converting at a rate of 30.4%.

Passing Along Savings

The Bronto and NetSuite pairing has been highly successful in allowing Cartridges Direct to quickly pass along manufacturer’s price discounts to its customers. These discounts occur suddenly and typically only last for a week or two. “In the past, when we received manufacturer promotions, we had to contact the developers and wait a week or two. We no longer need to involve a third party to send out an email.” The pricing information flows seamlessly from NetSuite to Bronto, making it easy to create emails with rich, dynamic content.

“Bronto is much more user-friendly. I handle the website and the email program, so having straightforward workflows to prepare the emails makes it so much easier,’’ she said. “And the reporting is excellent. We used to have to ask a developer to prepare our reports.”

Gaining an Edge With Cart Recovery and Pop-Up Manager

Williams is particularly excited about Cart Recovery and Pop-Up Manager. “Our conversion rates on cart recovery emails are growing. We are currently seeing an average 30% conversion rate,” Williams says. “We sent cart recovery emails before, but with Bronto’s app, we have more control and flexibility. We can perform A/B tests and create workflows for customers at every stage. This helps us improve the conversion rates for the email series and keep on making improvements.”

“Bronto is much more user-friendly. We no longer need to involve a third party to send out an email.”

And Pop-Up Manager has been important because Williams can experiment with where to place it. “We don’t want to do anything to keep the customer from clicking through to the sale. Nonetheless, we’ve found some good places to insert it. In three months, we netted 700 new subscribers, and the customers signing up through the pop-up have an average conversion rate of 19.2%.’’

“With Bronto, we can do a lot of things ourselves. Together with NetSuite, it feels like it operates as a cohesive program,” Williams says.


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Since going live in June of 2006, Cartridges Direct has grown to be one of Australia’s largest and most trusted sources of genuine printer, copier and fax cartridges.

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