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Beyond B2B: Learning to Sell Direct to Customers

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The Goal

  • Sell direct to customers.
  • Deploy a flexible platform that can manage multiple brands.
  • Capture abandoned cart revenue and increase subscriber sign ups.

The Approach

  • Add Cart Recovery emails.
  • Adopt a flexible pop-up manager.
  • Set up triggered messages.

The Result

  • Cart Recovery conversion rate for Danskin brand: 25%

For years, The Moret Group succeeded as a B2B clothing manufacturer and wholesaler with a stable of globally recognized brands they owned or licensed. But the company had no one-to-one relationship with its customers. It sold every product through retailers.

As they watched online opportunities explode and brick-and-mortar stores lose business to online sales, they decided to venture into direct-to-consumer sales. “We acquired the Danskin license and its website and saw that there was a huge opportunity,” says Michael Harary, Ecommerce Marketing Manager. What started out as a basic online store and a simple emailing strategy has expanded into a sophisticated approach, with email now representing the number one channel for driving their B2C sales.

The Moret Group uses Bronto to help market its 2(X)IST men’s intimates, Danskin activewear, Sprayground accessories and Ovadia & Sons men’s clothing. “Bronto has been our only email marketing platform,” Harary says. “It’s a flexible system that is always being updated. We can easily add additional brands as we bring them into our portfolio.”

“It’s a flexible system that is always being updated. We can easily add additional brands as we bring them into our portfolio.”

Quick Success With Cart Recovery

Harary said it made sense to pursue a cart recovery strategy when he learned that upwards of 75% of carts are abandoned. “We thought we could pick up some low-hanging fruit. Turns out we got much more than that.” The 2(X)IST cart recovery emails have an open rate of 57%, click-through rate of 30% and conversion rate of 20%. “Within the first six months of using Cart Recovery, we recovered more than $50,000 in lost revenue. Anytime you get that kind of return, it is a validation of email as a revenue driver,” Harary says. More importantly, cart recovery played a key role in helping the company hit its most recent yearly revenue target.

The company’s cart recovery launch for Danskin initially returned less robust results. So when Cyber Monday came along, Harary added the day’s promotion to the subject line. The goal was to remind users that not only did they forget items in their cart, but they were also 40% off that day. “The conversion rate jumped to 25%, and it stayed there, even after the offer ended. We’re getting a 10% conversion rate on the third email in the series,” Harary says. The series generated $30,000 in revenue in just four months. The best part of using the Cart Recovery App: “It took only a couple of weeks to set it up.”

Understanding Underwear Fashionistas and Building Brand Loyalty

Harary also uses a welcome series, the Pop-Up Manager app and segmentation to drive sales and understand his customers better. The welcome series, introducing the brands, returned a 15% conversion rate for 2(X)IST and an 8% conversion rate at Danskin.

For building its subscriber list, Harary dropped the pop-up that required developer assistance and adopted Bronto’s. “Now we can add a coupon, create versions specifically for people shopping on mobile devices and change the message seasonally. It’s as easy as uploading the image to the site.” The result in the first month: 700 new subscribers, compared to just 250 in the previous eight months with the old pop-up.

“Within the first six months of using the Cart Recovery app, we recovered more than $50,000 in lost revenue. Anytime you get that kind of return, it is a validation of email as a revenue driver.”

Harary also likes to dive into the reporting and come up with different ways to segment and market to customers. “We’ve discovered with our 2(X)IST brand that we have customers who buy from us again and again that like basics, such as black, white or gray products. And we have other customers who buy less frequently but prefer our fashion colors – our oranges and yellows. We can’t send them the same email. We need to make sure we speak to each group differently.” Harary said the segmentation capabilities will be even more important now that The Moret Group has launched a women’s line with 2(X)IST.

Going forward, Harary plans to leverage even more Bronto solutions, such as browse recovery and recommendations. “I wonder why others in the industry aren’t using Bronto. I get calls from other vendors who say they can improve on cart abandonment. But I quickly put an end to the conversation when I tell them my conversion rate.”

About The Moret Group

The Moret Group is proud to represent some of the most iconic lifestyle brands and licenses through our retail partners who sell worldwide at every price point. We work diligently in choosing business partners to create long-term relationships with great people and firms around the globe. A core belief is to know our retail partners’ businesses and exceed their expectations.

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