Kids’ Brand Sees Big Revenue From Sophisticated Email Approach

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The Goal

  • Grow the B2C side of the business.
  • Increase engagement in email messaging.
  • Build brand awareness.

The Approach

  • Deployed Pop-up Manager to encourage subscription and Coupon Manager to administer discounts.
  • Added a welcome series for new subscribers.
  • Engaged Bronto strategy to understand automated campaign best practices.

The Result

  • Pop-up Manager helped bring in 9,000 new subscribers, nearly half of whom bought from the site.
  • Welcome series has an open rate above 50%, a 24% click-through rate and a 42% conversion rate.
  • Automated re-engagement campaign has 4.8% conversion rate and helps Munchkin decide who to remove from its subscriber list.

Munchkin isn’t your typical email success story.

The designer and marketer of innovative products for parents and children deployed their ecommerce website and email program with the knowledge that they needed to balance their direct to consumer strategy with their already established retailer business.

Munchkin’s marketing team worked to find the right role for within the shopping journey of the customer. The result was an email program that engages customers, shares useful content and doesn’t compete with retailers who carry their products.

“We want to inform customers about our products and our brand. We are happy regardless of whether they go shop at a retailer or on Our aim is to introduce and educate consumers on what makes Munchkin products innovative and unique,” says Laura Bradford, ecommerce manager. Nonetheless, the new approach has been very successful. “Our ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds.”

Innovative Approach to Children’s Gear

With 175 patents, Munchkin is known for creating products such as an infant feeding spoon with a built-in thermometer that turns the spoon white if the food is too hot for a baby’s tongue. Its no-spill cups and odor- control diaper pails have helped it win partner- and vendor-of-the-year awards from retailers like Babies R Us and Target.

When Munchkin first deployed email, they focused on running promotions to grow the email database. But they found that consumers are more engaged with email that showcases content and not just discounts.

Our ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds.

Munchkin reshaped its ecommerce site to focus on product information and engagement. It paired the new approach with social media campaigns that encourage parents to send pictures of their kids using the products. On the email side, it began to focus much more on segmentation and optimizing campaigns to introduce customers to the brand and engage them. Munchkin uses its subscriber list for product extension information and new product launches, such as the odor-control diaper pail and the environmental campaign associated with it that has the company planting a tree for every pail sold.

Munchkin engaged Bronto’s strategy services to understand the best practices for automated campaigns and optimizing transactional emails. It also added Bronto’s Pop-up Manager and Coupon Manager to further refine its approach to email marketing.

Better Control of Coupons

Coupon Manager solved an immediate problem: It allowed Munchkin to selectively offer coupons through targeted email promotions. The coupons expire within 60 days and can’t be shared on the Internet as the individual codes are attached to the subscriber’s account. “This keeps the code unique and off of coupon sites,” says Bradford.

When we added Pop-Up Manager, we acquired 9,000 subscribers in 3 months.

Pop-Up Manager helps Munchkin connect with customers who are already interested in the company’s online presence. “When we added Pop-Up Manager, we acquired 9,000 subscribers in 3 months.” And the modest 10% o coupon used as an incentive has a 40% conversion rate.

Triggered Campaigns That Do Double Duty

Bradford worked with Bronto to create a welcome series that builds brand awareness and sells product. The three-part welcome series introduces customers to the brand, as well as Munchkin’s social presence. “Moms love to share pictures of their children with our products. The welcome series has an open rate above 50%, a 24% click-through rate and a 42% conversion rate – all with just a 10% off coupon.”

The re-engagement campaign also deploys a 10% off coupon and is sent to customers who haven’t opened an email in four months. The second message offers a managed preferences form for those who want to select how often Munchkin communicates with them. And the third email confirms a plan to “break up” with inactive subscribers. The re-engagement campaign has a 4.8% conversion rate and a 2.8% open rate. Given the fact that babies grow up fast, Bradford is satisfied with the re-engagement campaign results. “We want to give people a chance to learn about our brand, but at the end of the day, we want to keep our list clean and only send to those who want to receive our emails.”

Supporting Additional Ventures

Bronto’s flexibility in supporting brands globally and accommodating multiple brands on one platform has been helpful as Munchkin expands. Its UK office uses Bronto, and the US office is in the midst of setting up email campaigns for a select group of international markets.

Bronto has also provided a seamless method to communicate Munchkin’s corporate social responsibilty initiatives, including Project Orca – an effort to put an end to whale captiviity.

Doing a Lot With Ease

Munchkin chose Bronto because of its connector with Magento, which allows merchants to seamlessly import past-purchase information from their Magento ecommerce platform into Bronto, including full history for every order and details about products purchased.

Bradford says Bronto is easier to use than the email platform she used at her previous company. “Bronto is much more intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to set up. The learning curve is just smaller. It can be hard to justify spending on digital platforms, especially when bandwidth is a concern. But it isn’t hard to justify Bronto because you don’t need to spend a lot of time with it to get results.”

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