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The Shoe Fits: Automated Personalization Drives 60% Email-Generated Revenue Increase

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The Goal

  • Approach email marketing in a sophisticated way.
  • Grow email as a revenue channel.
  • Create awareness for brand extensions.

The Approach

  • Automate cart recovery messages.
  • Engage customers with a welcome series.
  • Re-engage customers that subscribe but don’t buy.
  • Segment customers to pitch other products.

The Result

  • Email-generated revenue is outperforming paid search as a revenue generator in some months.

Eve Loughran, ecommerce marketing manager for Vince Camuto, knew she needed more than paid search to drive web revenue. She believed a sophisticated email marketing strategy could increase traffic, but her email service provider didn’t offer the kind of features Vince Camuto needed.

She couldn’t automate messages to bring customers back to abandoned carts or manage coupon codes so they didn’t proliferate across the web. “We simply didn’t have the ability to do anything beyond executing a strategic batch-and-blast series,’’ says Loughran.

In the first nine months after switching to Bronto, Loughran helped drive email-generated revenue through the roof. Revenue from email increased 60%. The impact of targeted, automated email campaigns has been so profound, the company has shifted its online strategy. “We have evaluated our performance and have begun to move away from paid search to focus on email. We have also reduced our spending to prioritize retargeting on social,’’ Loughran says.

Spreading the Word on Wearable Fashion

Vince Camuto specializes in stylish yet functional shoes, accessories and clothing. The brand has stores in 72 countries, in addition to its availability through major retailers and online.

Within weeks of moving onto the Bronto platform, Loughran’s team set up a welcome series campaign to create awareness of the Vince Camuto brand’s many product categories and introduce its social media presence to new subscribers. Open rates hit 50%, and in just six months, the series accounted for 10% of email-generated revenue. One aspect of the platform that Loughran is most enthusiastic about is the ability to automate messages so that those who subscribe but haven’t yet purchased receive a personalized 10% off coupon.

Next up for the Vince Camuto email team was the Cart Recovery app. “In just four months of use in 2015, this feature drove 5% of email-generated revenue,’’ Loughran shared. “We expect that to double, perhaps even triple, in 2016.”

“In just four months of use in 2015, Cart Recovery drove 5% of email-generated revenue.”

When automated personalization is easy to configure, it encourages creativity. When a new store opens, or an event is scheduled at an existing store, the Vince Camuto ecommerce team emails subscribers within a 50-mile radius. For example, during a particularly rainy period in New York City, Loughran’s team segmented New York area subscribers and sent them an offer featuring rain boots.

One of the toughest marketing jobs is turning a subscriber who has never purchased into an active shopper and buyer. The company easily launched a “never purchased” email campaign that included an incentive. “Once we have determined that a subscriber has not shopped with us for at least 60 days online, we trigger a message to them which provides a 10% off incentive on their next purchase,” Loughran says.

Loughran has been thrilled with the overall results. “Since we started, website traffic has increased upwards of 80%, in addition to the 60% revenue increase from email. And new visitors resulting from email are up 60%. Open rates are staying consistent around 60% with click-through rates staying at 30%.”

Success Across Channels

Perhaps even more exciting is that email now accounts for 29% of web-generated revenue. “In some months, email outperformed paid search as a revenue driver,” Loughran says. “We’re seeing a very strong return on investment.”

And the email program continues to drive results, even during a traditionally slow time for retailers. In the January following the first nine months on the Bronto platform, email-generated revenue was up almost 90% – proving that the segmentation and automation strategy works. Loughran projects the company will at least double its email-generated revenue in the coming year.

Equally as important to revenue is gaining the kind of brand awareness that makes shoppers seek Vince Camuto products, whether online or in a store. Loughran says it’s tough to measure, but she believes the email success is driving both. “Our customers knew about our shoes, but they didn’t know about our other collections and categories. Now they do.”

“Since we started, website traffic has increased upwards of 80%, in addition to the 60% revenue increase from email. And new visitors resulting from email are up 60%. Open rates are staying consistent around 60% with click-through rates staying at 30%.”

Let Creativity Run Wild

In the past, a huge hurdle to success with segmentation was the cost to outsource list-building and message automation, or the alternative of devoting months to figuring out how to do it in-house. Most marketers want to focus on the creative, not the time spent on the behind-the-scene details.

So for Loughran’s team to get up and running on Bronto in two weeks was exceptional. “Bronto is very user-friendly, the automation is great and the reporting is robust.”

So what’s next? Loughran describes herself as hyper-focused on email. To further segment and personalize messages, the email team recently launched a preference center and will focus on refining the questions they ask and using the information to build better email messages. For a brand that sells to both genders and includes multiple lines, being able to combine purchase data with what the customer says they’re interested in will be a huge advantage.

Imagine being able to know that a female customer who has bought women’s shoes is also interested in men’s products. “That insight is powerful for us,” Loughran says.

Bronto is very user-friendly, the automation is great and the reporting is robust.

Getting to know the customer is energizing Loughran and her team. The segmented lists alone can’t sell Vince Camuto. “The creative and copy teams are very important,’’ she says. “And the sophisticated segmentation gives them more to work with.”



Eve Loughran, Ecommerce Manager, Vince Camuto

03_CORP_successes_casestudy_vincecamuto_loughran With more than 11 years of experience in fashion merchandising and marketing, Eve Loughran currently oversees the ecommerce marketing initiatives for the Vince Camuto brand. She is passionate about understanding how customers shop in the ecommerce world and providing them with the most seamless and engaging experiences. Loughran is currently concentrating her efforts on developing a successful email segmentation program to optimize engagement rates. Prior to Vince Camuto, she worked for well-known brands in the New York City area, including Victoria’s Secret Direct and Movado.

About Vince Camuto

Founded by Vince Camuto (1936-2015), Camuto Group started in 2001 as a shoe design, development and distribution resource for retailers. Over the next 14 years, the company was expanded and diversified, licenses and partners were acquired, brands were introduced and the company was grown into a global business.

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“Bronto is very user-friendly, the automation is great and the reporting is robust.”

Eve Loughran
Commerce Manager

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