Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

About Oracle

Mark Hurd is the chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation and serves on the Oracle board of directors. Now leading corporate strategy and company direction at Oracle, Mark Hurd draws on over thirty years of experience in the technology industry. His role includes spreading the company vision to customers, investors, and stockholders in addition to developing leadership and innovation strategies. “We should not get scared about innovation,” says Hurd in his interview with Recode, “it makes us more efficient and frees up capital for our customers to reinvest in other things.”

Mark Hurd has been recognized by Business 2.0 magazine several times as one of the 50 Who Matter, and in 2008 was named CEO of the Year by the San Francisco Chronicle. Hurd has been named one of CRN’s Most Influential Executives multiple times and was recognized as one of CRN’s Top Executives twice. In 2007 Fortune recognized Mark Hurd on their list of 25 Most Powerful People in Business.

Bronto is an integral part of NetSuite, and a key element of Oracle’s long-term cloud strategy goals. Commenting on the acquisition, Mark Hurd said Oracle’s role in NetSuite will be to “invest in it, to drive it harder, to drive it faster, as part of a grander strategy for Oracle to lead this transformation to the cloud.” The deal brings together Bronto’s automated commerce marketing engine, Oracle’s technology stack and global reach, and NetSuite’s innovative cloud solutions in what Hurd deems “a perfect complement.” Bronto had flourished as part of NetSuite, growing its employee count and seeing accelerated growth. Bronto’s success as a vital NetSuite asset positioned it as a key pickup in Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite, bolstering their scalability and support. Hurd states in a recent interview, “what we’re very focused on is bringing the infrastructure in place to support that platform and support applications and incremental commercial workloads that customers need.”

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