Email marketing continues to be the backbone of most marketers’ toolkits, but what other technologies should you consider using to help drive engagement and revenue in 2019? The 2019 Marketing Technology Outlook guide provides a glimpse into a few you’ll want to look at.

Here’s a quick summary of the trends our partners expect to be critical this year.

“Buy now, pay later” options are going to be more common.

Installment payment plans are gaining traction with online retailers, allowing shoppers to make online purchases with “pay over time” options without additional interest or fees. Amazon is testing similar purchase plans with its products, meaning other ecommerce sites may have no choice but to follow.

AI may transform SEO, but it will still be about relevancy.

Google’s search algorithm has evolved rapidly since the days of keyword stuffing and optimized URLs, but it’s about to take an exponential leap with heavy investment in artificial intelligence. So instead of trying to convince a static algorithm to trust your website, your one job will be to be relevant and trustworthy.

When it comes to email marketing, looking to the fundamentals will create sustainable revenue.

Instead of getting bogged down with trendy new tools and data reporting, marketers can utilize mobile optimization, strategic segmentation, and click data to take their email marketing to the next level.

Incentivizing your most loyal customers will be key to user-generated content growth.

Shoppers trust peer reviews more than traditional advertising, but brands struggle to develop rewarding UGC programs. Awarding loyalty program points for user actions leads to customers submitting, on average, 70% more content, which helps grow awareness, increases ROI, boosts average order value, and reduces customer churn.

Consumer expectations will rise — develop an emotional brand connection to meet them.

Investing in conversational commerce, offering experiential rewards, and running bonus point campaigns are just a few things every merchant can do to build deeper emotional connections.

Chatbots will help marketers keep up with how customers communicate with brands.

Brands already rely on chatbots to answer short questions and customer service requests, but with major players like Apple and WhatsApp experimenting with this technology, it’s only a matter of time before chatbots become the norm.

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With the right tools, 2019 can be a banner year for savvy marketers. From developing more sophisticated implementation strategies of existing techniques to employing entirely new methods of reaching customers around the world, marketers have plenty of new technology available to bolster their email marketing strategies.

Download the report  to see how these trends can spur engagement and growth for you.