Many of you have asked to see a quarterly roll-up of all that’s new with the Bronto Marketing Platform, Apps and Professional Services, so you can quickly catch up on what you might have missed. And we had quite a start to the year! Here’s a recap of what’s new in 2015 so far:

Bronto Marketing Platform

NEW "Tables" Tab We’re taking steps to add Order and Product data to broaden the CRM functionality within Bronto. Learn more. SMS Messaging Moves to the Apps Tab SMS Keywords and Text-to-Join will continue to function in the same manner, but we made the navigation more convenient for you. Learn more. NEW Message Editor in Bronto Labs Some of the new features include a drag-and-drop layout editor, responsive design and smart content. Learn more. Profiler Graduates from Bronto Labs Profiler, which lets you see how one contact type performed against another relative to a message or delivery, recently graduated from Bronto Labs. Learn more. Mobile Updates: MMS + SMS We now support Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages as part of our SMS package. And SMS is now supported in Canada. Learn more.

Bronto Apps

New Socialite App Drive more sales while automating and tracking your social media marketing campaigns, directly from within Bronto. Learn more. New Demandware Connector The Bronto integration with Demandware is now the Demandware Connector, supported and maintained by a dedicated team of Bronto engineers. Learn more.

Professional Services

Don't forget about our two latest service offerings that were announced late last year! Cart Recovery Sprint Rapidly create and execute a highly effective cart recovery program with the help of Bronto's Cart Recovery Sprint. Learn more. Managed Services Bronto can assist you with creative design, copywriting, coding, scheduling, marketing calendars, strategy, competitive analysis and much more. Learn more. Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya) Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software