Over the past year, I’ve blogged about the launch of our Product Catalog and some of the ways to best use its features to fulfill your marketing needs. Well, I’m back, baby! And this time, I’m happy to announce the release of three exciting new ways to leverage your product data that have been in high demand since we launched.

Perform Split Testing

Want to display different products in the same message and see which ones are driving the most clicks and conversions? Now you can! Just build your message with product tags to access the data in your product catalog, then schedule a split test with that same message as many times as you want, specifying different products for each split. And Bronto users can do the same with Recommendations Standard. Just choose a different recommendation for each split, and let the split test figure out which one works best!

Split Testing Example 1 Split Testing Example 2Choose Products When a Message Triggers

Wish you could trigger the same message from different workflow nodes using different products? Wish no more! Now, in each and every Send Email workflow node, you can specify which products (or recommendations, for those with the app) to use when these messages are triggered. Just be sure your message includes product tags.

Imagine a welcome series message where the products displayed differ based on the path the user took in the workflow to receive that message. For example, you might display different products to men and women, or change up the products based on a person’s list subscription.

Set products for deliveryDisplay Products Based on Custom Fields and API Tags

Have you stored some product information for your contacts in a custom field? Perhaps you’ve captured their most frequently purchased product or determined the best products for them based on their preferences. Or maybe you’re using Bronto’s API to trigger messages that contain contact-specific product IDs in API tags, such as in order confirmation emails. Until now, you haven’t had a way to market these products back to your customers, so we’ve enhanced the product tag syntax so you can point it at a contact field or API tag.

Here’s what the product tag syntax looks like when you use a placeholder to specify the product ID during delivery: %%$product.placeholder.fieldname%%.

Now here’s what it looks like when you point it at contact field: %%$product.(contactfield).fieldname%%.

Just swap the placeholder name with the name of the contact field in parentheses, and when Bronto sends the message, it will look up the product ID in the contact field you specified to customize the message for each and every contact. It works the same way for API sends. Just pass in the product ID in an API tag and use that tag name instead of the contact field in your product tag, like this: %%$product.(#apifield).fieldname%%.

As always, for a more detailed explanation of how to use these and other features, visit Bronto Help.