Not even an experienced acrobat would grip a trapeze and leap from a high-wire platform without a safety net. So why would a commerce marketer send emails using an unverified or poorly maintained email list? Deliverability and marketing results are better when you use high-quality email addresses. But sometimes you get a list from a new source or you want to communicate with contacts for the first time in months, and you can’t validate the data right away. Use these best practices to improve results over time:

1) Verify new email data.

Sending messages to invalid email addresses can have a substantially negative impact on your deliverability rating and where your emails land, in the inbox or the spam folder. It’s also a red flag for email and internet service providers (ESPs and ISPs) and can affect your brand’s reputation and revenue generation. It’s best to verify the validity and quality of new email address data before you send messages. When you use Kickbox, every address you verify will have a result in one of these categories:
  • Deliverable – The recipient’s mail server confirms the recipient exists.
  • Undeliverable – The email address does not exist or contains a typo.
  • Risky – The address has quality issues that may result in a bounce or low engagement.
  • Unknown – Unable to get a response from the mail server. If the destination mail server is too slow or unavailable, you can retry the verification request.

2) Run regular marketing campaigns.

Studies vary on citing how often consumers change email addresses, but estimates range from every six months to once a year. As you implement automated workflows, Bronto gathers information about your customers’ engagement with your messages. The more often you send messages to the people on your lists, the cleaner your lists will become. The cleaner your list, the lower your bounce rates and the higher your open and click-through rates. You’re also likely to see improved revenue and performance metrics. And, by engaging your subscribers with personalized messages, you’re likely to be among the first to know when subscribers change their email addresses. If you haven’t sent messages to a list for nine or more months, it’s time to verify your list.

3)  Choose technology partners that play well together.

The partners you choose will affect your results. Look for an email-verification partner that integrates with your commerce marketing automation platform with real-time, two-way communication. Make sure the interface is easy to use and offers tools like drag-and-drop functionality to import your lists. Automating email verification with trusted partners who work well together will do more than improve campaign performance. You’re likely to save money with fewer sends to higher-quality email addresses, and you’ll avoid the time-consuming task of manually maintaining your email data. Just as an acrobat trains to prepare for a high-wire performance, you work hard to create segments and workflows that will maximize your ecommerce revenue. Make sure you verify your email data and send messages to your subscribers regularly to optimize your marketing efforts and results. For more information about using Kickbox with Bronto, contact your Bronto Account Manager.