Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in commerce marketing and may be the fastest growing technology trend today. Does the rise of AI and related technologies signal a sea change in commerce marketing? In a word, yes. A growing number of commerce marketing automation providers claim their systems use AI. But it can be difficult to know for sure what that means for your brand and how you can use it to market products and services more effectively to consumers. Here are four questions to ask that will help you break through the hype and uncover a solution’s potential to add value for your business.

1. How will this feature or solution generate revenue for my business?

Ask vendors to provide customer success stories from businesses who have used their solution to increase revenue. TIP:  Technology is great, but if it isn’t contributing to your bottom line, it’s just nice to have.

2. What’s required of me when I use your features that run on artificial intelligence?

Does the system choose which messages should include recommendations? Does it design or create messages for me? Must someone from your software team review and improve feedback loops over time, or is that learning process automated? TIP: If the system requires a software developer’s expertise to learn, it’s supervised machine learning, not artificial intelligence.

3. How does your solution allow me to set my own business rules?

For example, does the product recommendations engine allow me to limit recommendations to products that offer the highest profit margin? Can I recommend products that are currently trending on my website? TIP: If you can’t set your own business rules for recommending products, you’re not getting the best automation money can buy.

4. How integrated are the features in your solution?

For example, can I create product recommendations in the same place where I prepare my messages? TIP: Look for solutions that are as integrated as possible. It will save time and increase productivity for you and your team. Remember, you are the expert on your business. Regardless of the techniques used to make commerce marketing automation work, the solution you choose should give you the power to expand the scope, ease and success of your marketing program. Carefully review the promises vendors make during the sales process, and ask questions about the ones that matter most to your business success. For more information about AI-related techniques and their potential to transform commerce marketing, download our latest white paper: Break Through the Hype: Uncover the Reality of AI. To learn more about Bronto’s products and services, contact us.