1. A/B Split Comparison A/B testing lets you send different versions of an email message to random subsets of your mailing list, and then compare the results to see which version is most effective, right down to conversion rate and total revenue. It’s a simple and powerful way to hone your campaigns. [Click on image to expand] Messages -> Deliveries -> View Delivery Report (green box icon in the far right column for the delivery) For more on A/B testing, read this blog post.

2. Contact Growth Over Time List growth is critical to your near- and long-term success. Bronto gives you a variety of tools for growing your opt-in database (webforms, manage preferences center, email opt-in via SMS, etc), and with this report, you can easily see how your list is growing over time. Reporting -> Dashboard -> Contact Growth Over Time

3. Contact Performance Over Time Your goal as an email marketer is to create personal and engaging messages that spark interest and lead to opens, clicks, and ultimately, orders. This report lets you see how engaged your email audience is in terms of opens and clicks. You can even track this for a specific list or segment. [Click on image to expand] Reporting -> Dashboard -> Contact Performance Over Time

4. Conversion (Order) Report Your ultimate reason for sending email is to drive more revenue. If you're using JavaScript Conversion Tracking to pass order data into Bronto, you can use the JavaScript Conversion Report (currently in Bronto Labs) to see the specific items purchased as a result of your message, by contact, complete with description, quantity and revenue. Here's another blog post on this topic. NOTE: You will soon be able to create segments on this data in Bronto. For now, you can easily export this grid and build segments outside of Bronto. Messages -> Deliveries -> [Select Delivery] -> View Full Message Report -> Conversions

5. Social Sharing Who are your social influencers? These are contacts who share your email messages with their social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). You need to know who they are, so you can treat them differently. This report shows you how far your messages extend into the social sphere, and who your top influencers are and their activity. Messages -> Deliveries -> [Select Delivery] -> View Full Message Report -> Sharing Now, go wow your boss!

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software