My last several posts have turned the spotlight on Bronto features designed to help you drive more revenue through the shopping cart. Today's topic is social marketing. For those of you looking to push beyond email, this one is for you.


Here are five key social features to take advantage of in Bronto.

  1. Share With Your Network (SWYN) and Forward to a Friend (FTAF) links—Including these links in your emails allows your recipients to share your emails with their social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and their friends. This extends the reach of your message, helps to identify your influencers (so you can treat them differently) and allows you to grow your list.


  1. Facebook “Like” button—Including the “Like” button in your emails allows your contacts to “Like” a message you send them. You can insert the button with a single click in the WYSIWYG Editor.


  1. Reports—The email message reports include social metrics—forwards to a friend, contacts who shared, total social shares and social views—so you can start to measure the influence of social channels on email.


  1. Post messages to Facebook and Twitter—You can post messages to Facebook and Twitter directly from within Bronto. You can schedule these messages, and track shares and retweets alongside your other data in Bronto for a more complete view of engagement.


  1. Cross-channel campaigns with Workflow Automation—The Workflow Automation module lets you visually orchestrate multi-step, cross-channel campaign workflows. You can use “social” events to trigger and shape these workflows. For example, create a social contest campaign that’s triggered by a specific number of mentions of a keyword on Twitter.

In what ways are you using Bronto to go social?

Damian Trzebunia (Che-boon-ya)
Product Marketing Manager

Bronto Software