1. WELCOME SERIES Crisp and engaging welcome emails make a great first impression and set the tone for the relationship. This is a terrific opportunity to begin nurturing someone on their journey to a first purchase.

Workflow Automation lets you create an automated welcome series in less than 20 minutes. And, you can easily visualize your campaign from beginning to end. Here's a simple example. The workflow is triggered when a new contact is added to your opt-in list. What follows is a two-part email series with a 7-day delay. Note that the contact’s action/inaction (whether they open the first email or not) determines which subsequent emails are sent.

2. POST-PURCHASE Once a contact purchases, they become your most valuable asset. Then begins the journey from one-time buyer to loyal repeat customer, and this takes some careful and thoughtful nurture. The API hook for Workflow Automation lets you use purchase activity in your e-commerce system to trigger campaign workflows in Bronto.

3. CART ABANDONMENT Abandoned cart messages are the ultimate low-hanging fruit for email marketers. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, Data-Driven Marketing with the Bronto API, cart abandonment rates have risen to 72% and conversion rates on abandoned cart messages are at 20%. The API hook for Workflow Automation lets you use cart abandonment activity in your e-commerce ecosystem to trigger campaign workflows in Bronto. Here’s an example of a simple abandoned cart series. As with the post-purchase example, this needs the Bronto API and Workflow Automation. You need to pass abandoned cart activity to Bronto via the API. Again, once the data is in Bronto, you can create and automate abandoned cart campaigns using the drag-and-drop canvas.

4. VIP & LOYALTY PROGRAM Knowing and rewarding your top spenders is key to building loyalty and driving repeat purchases. There are multiple ways to trigger VIP & Loyalty campaigns in Bronto, including changes to existing (e.g., Total Contact Revenue) and custom fields, as well as other purchase data passed in via the API. In this example, there's a field that tracks rewards points as they're accrued by contacts. Once a customer gains 1000 points, their status is updated to Platinum, and they're notified via email. 7 days later, they receive an email with more information about their Platinum status, followed by a reminder to start using their benefits. 

5. EMAIL OPT-IN via SMS As I mentioned in my last blog post, 5 Bronto Reports to Wow Your Boss, list growth is critical to you near- and long-term success. Allowing consumers to opt-in to your email list via text is a great way to get started with SMS messaging, and it's a great example of cross-channel marketing - using one marketing channel (mobile/SMS) to strengthen another (email). Email opt-in is the perfect way to use your first 1000 SMS messages for $180. Here's an example of an SMS email opt-in campaign. The contact texts in a specific keyword and is then prompted to send and validate their email address. They're then added to the SMS Signup email list and receive a welcome email with a time-sensitive 15% off coupon.

 f you need help creating and executing these campaigns, or writing an API integration, contact Bronto Professional Services at 888-BRONTO-1, or talk with your Account Manager. There are many more campaigns you can create using Workflow Automation. What campaigns have you created with the canvas? Have a great weekend!

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software