In January, we announced that we now fully support Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages in the Bronto Marketing Platform, allowing you to send more interactive mobile messages to your customers. We also offer the fantastic Coupon Manager app, which allows you to create and send individualized coupons. Now you can combine these two great Bronto offerings. Imagine the possibilities! Bronto’s Media URLs now support dynamic content, including the URL that is generated by Coupon Manager. To send a coupon via MMS, simply copy the link from Coupon Manager into the Media URL, save your message, and schedule your send. You will have a chance to preview your coupon in the preview window, making it easier to spot issues and make changes. Here is where you would copy the link in Coupon Manager. Simply click on the “Get HTML Image Tag” icon for the appropriate coupon, and you will see this pop-up: Image URLOnce you create your message, insert the link in the Media URL field, and save your message. You will then see a preview like this: MMS Coupon PreviewHow can you take advantage of this new feature? Sending a coupon for your brick and mortar store is one great example. You might also encourage those browsing your site on their phone to finalize their purchase with an enticing coupon text. How else would you optimize these two offerings? Let us know in the comments below!