What is A/B split testing? A/B split testing is the ability to send different versions of an email message to random subsets of your mailing list, and then compare the results to see which version is most effective. It’s a simple and powerful way to maximize conversions!

What’s unique about Bronto’s A/B split testing?

There are a few features to point out that make A/B split testing fun and highly effective in Bronto:
  • Test multiple variables—This includes subject line, from name and address, date and time of send, as well as the specific contents of the message—different creative/copy, placement of images, etc.
  • Auto-send winner—With the A/B-Winner split, we determine the winner based on the criteria you select, and then automatically send the winning message to the remainder of your list. If you don’t want the winner group sent out, just select the Champion/Challenger split (it works in the same way, minus the auto-send).
  • Ease of use—A/B split testing is a simple, four-step process, all with a point-and-click interface. Adding test groups is a one-click task, as is selecting the winning criteria.
  • Detailed report—We generate a detailed A/B split comparison report, so you can see exactly how each message performed.

What’s the value?

  • Maximize conversions—Your success depends on your ability to continually measure, tweak, tune and optimize your campaigns. The more you test, the smarter you are about what works, and the more effective you can be at generating conversions.
  • Increase email ROI—According to the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) "The Power of Direct" study released in October, email brought in $40.56 for every dollar spent in 2011. A/B split setting is one factor that can drive that number up.
  • Save time—A/B split testing is easy and fun in Bronto—it only takes a few minutes, and the outcome is well worth it.

Where can I learn more?

Take a peek at the A/B split testing documentation in the application. Cheers!

Damian Trzebunia (Che-boon-ya)

Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software Inc.