Workflows never stop – and neither do our automation engineers. So we’re thrilled to be launching several major new features and enhancements to Workflows.

Streamlined Shipping Trigger

Order is Shipped node

Previously, shipping information was handled in a fairly complex way via Order Service. Now, there are only 2 statuses for an order: Processed and Shipped. The node triggers a workflow either when the data for an order is imported into Bronto with a status of Shipped or when the status in Bronto is updated to Shipped. You no longer need to drill down and select specific shipping fields to trigger from. It’s now easier than ever to:

  • Create a workflow that notifies contacts when orders have shipped.
  • Send follow-up messages to contacts after they have received their orders, using Delay nodes.
  • Update contact fields or list membership based on shipping status.

Product & Recommendation Support in Send Email Nodes

Send Email node

We heard you loud and clear! Bronto now supports both products and recommendations as a new optional setting in Send Email nodes. You can now set unique default products and recommendations for all deliveries that go out through a single Send Email node. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Set up your product tags in your email message.
  2. Build out your workflow with one (or more) Send Email nodes.
  3. Specify your product email in the Send Email node.
  4. Click ‘products’ to enter your desired Product IDs for each placeholder.
  5. (Optional) If you’re using Recommendations Standard and have recommendations set up, you can select Recommendation under Product Type and enter the respective ID.

Set Product Defaults

This is a huge win because whether you’re using Message Editor, Legacy Message Editor, old templates or HTML for your email content, you can now use products in your emails. A great use case for this is a welcome series. Depending on the filter node(s), you can send a variety of welcome messages, each with a unique product placeholder for any manual recommendations you’d like to include based on your filters.

Using Products in Emails

All-New Line Item Comparison Filter Node

Line Item Comparison

I’ve saved the best for last. This is an insanely powerful node. With the Line Item filter, you can now filter contacts in your workflow based on the quantity and order or product field of any product(s) in their shopping cart. The gears are probably already turning in your head, but it goes without saying, this node opens the door for all kinds of possibilities.

Product Fields

All of our current Order Fields are supported here, including Category, Description, Image URL, Name, Other, Product URL, Quantity, Sale Price, SKU, Total Price and Unit Price. We also surface all of your Product Fields in use via Product Catalog. You can view separate field lists by toggling back and forth between the Cart Field and Product Field radio buttons. One of the biggest wins is the ability to include inventory checks prior to sending abandoned cart emails. By using a Quantity or Availability product field, you can set the filter to look for items where the inventory is less than 1 and then choose whether or not to send emails based on that. Or you could send an alternate email containing similar or recommended products instead (see example below).

Line Item example

This node also gives you more granular control by allowing filtering at the line item level as opposed to the Cart/Order Field Comparison filter, which looked at an entire cart/order. Let’s say you’re having a sale on men’s sandals, and you want to send a custom sale reminder message, but you also want to include a special version with additional incentives for those who have both sale and higher-value items in their cart. Now you can! Check out this workflow example based on Product fields to get some ideas.

Workflow Example

With so many fields now at your disposal and the ability to stack Line Item Comparison for advanced filtering, just imagine all the possibilities. Go on, have a field day! Pun intended. We design everything we do with you in mind, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about these latest enhancements! Let us know what you think.