• Creating a Delivery Group
  • Delivery Groups Reporting
  • Enhanced Reporting with Delivery Groups

There are times when you may have a large number of deliveries you’d like to add to a Delivery Group. To date, adding more than 100 deliveries to a Delivery Group may have been a very manual process because the only option was to select the deliveries and then Click "Add to Delivery Group." While the Delivery Grid supports "Select All" functionality, we allow a maximum of 100 deliveries per grid. This means that it would have taken a lot of clicks (29 to be precise) to add 1000 deliveries to a Delivery Group. To enhance this process and reduce it to a single click, we now support two options for adding to a Delivery Group:

Add All To Delivery Group - Schedules all deliveries from all pages to be added to the specified Delivery Group and alerts you once all Deliveries have been added.

Add Selected to Delivery Group - Adds checked/selected deliveries from the current page to the Delivery Group.

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager