For quite some time, Bronto users have had the ability to add dynamic content to their messages. In the Spring 2010 Bronto release, we added the ability to add dynamic subject lines to your messages. This can be a very useful tool in your marketing arsenal, as you can choose to send messages with subject lines based on lists, segments, or particular pieces of field information.

Adding Your Subjects

The dynamic subject lines that you add work independently of your content. You can send the same content with different subject lines, or have the subject lines coincide with the content that is also being compiled dynamically. In this example, we will once again be using an email that is being sent to a group of contacts, some of whom appear on a list in my account named "Winners".  To add dynamic subject lines, you must be on the "Editing Message" screen.  Underneath the input area where you would normally add your subject line, you will find a button called Edit Dynamic Subject.

Click Edit Dynamic Subject.  Once you click the Edit Dynamic Subject button, a light box will pop up and ask you to select who will receive each subject line. In this case, we are sending the subject line Today Is Your Lucky Day to all of the contacts that are being sent this email that also reside on the Winners list in my account. All other contacts will receive an email with the subject line Some Days Are Better Than Others.

Checking Your Subjects

Checking your dynamic subject line is the same as the process that we discussed in our earlier post, Previewing Your Dynamic Content. Make sure that you have a contact that is representative of each group that you are sending to and pick them from the default preview drop-down box on the "Show Preview" screen. You will see the subject line, as well as the content that the particular contact will receive.

The Dynamic Conclusion

That's all there is to it. You should now be able to add dynamic subject lines to your Bronto messages and preview them in the application. As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact a representative on the Bronto Client Services team.

Frank Chapman
Bronto Client Services