One of the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is that each email that goes out must contain a valid physical address.  In early 2008, this was revised to include a valid post office box or a private mailbox (as long as it is registered with the United States Post Office, or with a commercial mail receiving agency that follows all USPS regulations).  As a Bronto client, you don't have to worry about complying with this provision of the Act as we require it.

Address tags allow you to insert your physical address into your message using our special tag function, much like an unsubscribe or forward to a friend link.  If you choose not to place the address tags into your message,  Bronto will automatically insert unformatted address tags at the bottom.  This can lend an inconsistent look and feel to your message, which can in turn hurt your brand.  Luckily, Bronto makes it easy to place your address tags into your message with proper formatting to match your brand.

Lets start out by taking a look at the address tags that are available to use.  The ones listed in bold are the ones that are required in every message.

  • %%!account_organization%% - Organization name of the account
  • %%!account_address1%% - The first line of your address
  • %%!account_address2%% - The second line of your address
  • %%!account_city%% - Your city
  • %%!account_state%% - Your state
  • %%!account_zip%% - Your Zip
  • %%!account_country%% - Your Country
  • %%!account_address%% - Catch all tag that places all address information in a default layout.  You can use this instead of the individual tags listed above.

Placing these tags into your message will automatically pull the corresponding information stored in the Contact Information section of your account (pictured to the right).  You can change this information by going to the Home Tab->Settings->Contact Information.

Now that we know what data is available to us, lets take a look at customizing our address information to avoid the boring old default address information.   Here is what the default address information looks like when it is appended automatically to your message: 

Here is the same address information with a few very simple styles applied directly from within the WYSIWYG editor.  You are able to apply whatever formatting or styles you wish to match your brand or message.

So there we have it,  a quick guide to using the Bronto address tags to avoid having the default address slapped on to the bottom of your email.  Our WYSIWYG editor even makes it easy to place them into your message, so you don't have to type each one out. Simply use the Special Tags dropdown menu and select the address information you'd like to insert.

If you've got any other tips or creative ways to incorporate address tags into your messages, let us know!  Leave a comment!

Lucas Weber
Bronto Client Services