Bronto 2011 Spring Release, which marked our transition from product to platform and ushered in three major new features:
  • Mobile/SMS Messaging—Professional Edition users can now engage with buyers by sending and receiving SMS messages, and being able to tie SMS into automated campaign workflows.
  • Social Integrations—You can now schedule, post and track Facebook and Twitter messages directly from within Bronto for a more complete view of engagement across channels.
  • Workflow Automation—There’s now a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates for building highly personalized, automated campaigns that increase engagement and drive transactions.
The real linchpin for the Bronto platform is Workflow Automation. This brings email, mobile and social together, and creates the ultimate level of relevant marketing, which drives more engagement and higher conversions.  Here are three reasons to make Workflow Automation part of your weekly routine with Bronto:
  • Dramatically simplifies campaign creation—Workflow Automation offers drag-and-drop simplicity for creating marketing campaigns that span email, mobile and social channels. Select the appropriate nodes/triggers from the menu, drag them onto the canvas, map the right sequence, and snap them together. Simple!
  • Enables highly relevant marketing—Workflow Automation raises the bar for targeting and personalization. Workflows are event-driven at the contact level, which means they are triggered by contact actions and changes to contact attributes. This enables highly targeted, highly personalized campaigns.
  • Accelerates time-to-revenue—Bronto makes it easy for you to get started with a few common, pre-built, commerce-driven campaigns. This includes Remail, Welcome Series, SMS Engagement and more. And it’s just the beginning! We plan to build a library of templates over time.

What’s new?

In May, we gave you the ability to explore the workflow canvas — to create and save campaigns. As of Tuesday, July 20th, you can now activate those campaigns. You can also start using the pre-built templates for creating new campaigns.

What does this mean for you?

Here are three examples of the types of campaigns you can start to build in Bronto. These can be visually orchestrated in minutes, and they operate in near real-time.
  1. Re-engagement / Re-mail—Re-engage contacts who have opened and clicked your emails, but not converted. Once they convert, add them to a list, or offer them a promotion.
  2. Welcome Series—Choose from a number of triggering events for your series, add delays and the appropriate intervals, and trigger subsequent emails based on a contact’s action/inaction.
  3. SMS Engagement—Start engaging with customers and potential buyers via SMS messaging. Use SMS as a trigger to initiate campaign workflows. Trigger specific text messages based on a contact’s action/inaction.
That’s it for now! If you have ideas for specific campaign workflows that should be included in our template library, please share them with us at Happy marketing!

Damian Trzebunia ("Che-boon-ya")
Product Marketing Manager