Customer feedback is an important part of Bronto’s product development process. Twice a year, we host Bronto’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB) members for a few hours to discuss product updates, gather feedback on future product strategy and learn more about how they use the Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP). Here are a few notable takeaways from our CAB meeting a few weeks ago in Durham, N.C.:

Bronto Product Enhancements: A/B Test Group Expansions and More

Recent updates to our commerce marketing platform include: expansion of A/B test groups to 20, new color-coded segment labels, an audit log to record user activity, link repair to edit links after you’ve sent a message and date formatting that allows you to control how a date is shown. To stay current on the latest product enhancements, select “What’s New” in the top right of your BMP dashboard. To receive SMS alerts on updates, text UPDATES to 33233. We push update messages about once a week.

Bronto Product Vision: Relevance and Personalization

We talked with the CAB about common marketing automation technologies, such as data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Of course, how we gather and analyze data is less important than why we do it: to surface data that reveals opportunities for retail marketers to increase revenue. Our vision for Bronto is to continue our evolution of the BMP to give you more visibility into buyer behaviors. Recommendations Standard (formerly known as Predictor) uses product data imported from your product catalog to make it easier to send targeted product recommendations to segments of subscribers. It’s about relevance: When you send the right content to the right person at the right time via the right medium, your messages will resonate better with shoppers and generate more revenue for your business.

$5K Giveaway and SMS at Trade Shows: Great Customer Ideas

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the CAB meeting is when the members share war stories – they all have unique issues and successes, and everyone learns when they’re shared. One Bronto customer, an auto-parts dealer that sells high-end parts for very popular muscle cars, ran a $5,000 gift card giveaway. They advertised it on social media, in blog posts and via SEO content links. Shoppers who signed up earned one chance to win the gift card. They knew they would encounter a challenge with the promotion. They didn’t want to acquire contacts who didn’t own the car. So in the sign-up, the company included this question: “Do you own the vehicle?” Those who didn’t were added to a suppression list, so they avoided polluting their contact list with people who weren’t in their target market. Another customer, an outdoor gear retailer, used mobile to acquire new contacts. At a trade show, they handed out cards with SMS sign-up information. Visitors who subscribed would receive the link to a private sale with special offers selected for the promotion. They’ve acquired thousands of emails that have generated strong sales. And they’ve heard from shoppers who appreciate being able to interact with the retailer’s messages so soon after leaving the booth. If you’d like to share a great story about how you’ve used Bronto to boost contact acquisition, personalization and revenue, reach out to Cathy Traugot at We’d love to hear about your success and share it with other Bronto customers.

That’s a Wrap – Until April

Bronto is listening to its customers, and the CAB is an important part of our work to gather feedback from the people who use our platform. Hearing our customers interact with their peers also uncovers helpful insights. We use the input gathered at these meetings to evolve our product vision, enhancements and ideas. Our next CAB meeting will be at Bronto Summit 2017. Be sure to watch the Bronto blog for future CAB updates.