Bronto customers had a stellar week over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, sending an average of 50% more messages than last year and achieving higher revenue growth than the broader retail industry. According to Adobe Digital Insights, this year’s online sales from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday increased 15.2%, but many of Bronto’s customers reported a 100% or more increase in year-over-year holiday revenue from email. And the news gets even better. For Bronto customers, purchase totals were up almost 300% on Cyber Monday compared to the Monday before Thanksgiving. bfbythenumbers We noticed Bronto customers are sending a growing number of messages on Black Friday. Four years ago, they sent 36% more messages on Cyber Monday than Black Friday. This year, they sent just 11% more, which jibes with the trend toward gray November, retailers’ month-long start to the holiday shopping season. Scott Drayer, vice president of marketing at Paul Fredrick MenStyle, told us that during the four days of Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, the men’s apparel retailer saw a nearly 40% increase in revenue over last year and a more than 120% increase in email-generated revenue, with peak email volume on Black Friday. Sportsman’s Warehouse, a retailer for outdoor enthusiasts, generated a 187% increase in revenue this year over last Black Friday. “Our sales spiked this year due to improved creative, quality segmentation and a deeper understanding of our users,” says Ecommerce Marketing Manager Colby Saenz. Saenz focused on segments of shoppers who open emails more frequently and incorporated more products to click in messages. He also used Bronto’s send time optimization, which calculates and sends messages at the time of day contacts are most likely to open them, based on each contact’s open history. Bronto send-time really flew in November, thanks to the software and server infrastructure enhancements our engineering team made over the last year. We sent 50% more messages than we did during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, with more messages sent in November than ever before in Bronto history. And, we doubled our maximum send rate, which is the top speed clocked for sending messages. Bronto’s engineering and technical support teams worked over the holidays to ensure messages were delivered and customers had the assistance they needed. And our Professional Services team checked in with Bronto customers and some even stepped in to assist them with creating and scheduling last-minute campaigns. Of course, Bronto’s engineering team is hard at work looking at prospective volumes and pattern changes for 2017, as we keep an eye on our infrastructure and performance. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love the engineering challenges that come with our customers’ growth and success. That’s what keeps life at Bronto interesting!