A year ago, we announced the availability of the free Bronto extension for Magento. The goal of the extension was to make it easier for you to create lifecycle marketing campaigns in Bronto based on past-purchase data from Magento. Among the many successes Bronto customers have had with the extension, here's one of the most exciting: Since implementing the extension, some Bronto customers have seen a 10X increase in revenue per email with post-purchase campaigns based on Magento data! We continue to deliver new features and enhancements to help you maximize revenue from Bronto + Magento campaigns, and we recently completed Version 2.2, our biggest release of the Magento extension to date. Here are the key new features:  
  • Post-Purchase Review Requests - Version 2.2 includes a new module that lets you send follow-up product review request emails to your customers a set number of days after they purchase. You can include all of the product details for rich personalization.
Product Review Request
  • Coupon Codes - You can now include Magento coupons in both transactional and reminder emails. Simply select the Shopping Cart Price Rule and a code will be automatically inserted when the message is sent.
Coupon Codes
  • Pop-up Manager Integration - You can easily integrate with Bronto's separate Pop-up Manager App, which lets you create, test and manage pop-up sign-ups with a visual editor.
  • Configuration Guides - We've made interactive assistance available to help you get up-and-running faster with the extension. These guides are full of helpful information for even the most experienced user.
Configuration Guide Configuration Guide
  • Contact Import Enhancements - You can now include Reward Points, Store Credit, Customer Group and custom attributes as part of your contact import into Bronto.
  • Order Import Enhancements - You can now choose Display or Base Currency and include Taxes and Discounts as part of the order data you import into Bronto.
For a complete feature list, check out the Version 2.2.0 Release Notes. For more info about the Bronto extension for Magento, visit Magento Connect or contact your Account Manager. Like these features? Let us know by posting a comment below. Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya) Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software]]>