The Fall 2018 release of the Bronto Marketing Platform is now available. This release provides enhancements, new features and services in three core areas: accelerating email marketing success, optimizing marketing resources, and delivering transparency, security and privacy into our platform.

Accelerate Email Marketing Success

Whether you’re just starting with Bronto or an existing user, we want to ensure you get the most out of the platform in the shortest amount of time. We’ve streamlined onboarding, introduced services that allow you to prescriptively adopt more of the suite, and we’ll continue making Bronto even easier to use.


Do you have a NetSuite or Shopify ecommerce site and need a better email marketing solution? Our JumpStart service enables organizations to launch a comprehensive email marketing program in 30 days, aimed to rapidly grow subscription lists, engage shoppers and drive revenue.

Pathway to Success

Our prescriptive, phased strategy and implementation methodology optimizes the adoption of additional Bronto solutions in the suite to help enable a company’s ability to grow, scale and adapt to change.

Bronto Connectors

Enhancements to the Bronto Connectors enable users to leverage a guided self-service process to auto-configure integrations with NetSuite and Shopify ecommerce platforms. This self-guided integration enables the data flow of contact, product, and order fields between Bronto and the ecommerce platform.

Content Tag Templates

More Content Tag Templates are now available for users to rapidly build out their campaign messages. This greatly expedites the overall readiness to send emails, both during launch and as new campaigns are created, including initial use of Bronto’s Cart and Browse Recovery features.

Knowledge Base

The Bronto Knowledge Base is now publicly available, making it easier to get help without accessing the Bronto Marketing Platform. The knowledge base includes consolidated help content and API documentation to provide a single source of information.

Enriched Self-Guided Documentation

Users can get the assistance they need at the right time, empowering learning at a self-guided pace based on the needs of the business. New learning checklists provide a collection of videos and guides users can reference for help in areas such as Products, Contact Import, Email Message Editor, Cart Recovery, Recommendations and more.

Optimize Marketing Resources

As a marketer, we know your time is often divided between many different responsibilities. We continue to strive to make it quick and easy for you to build and execute complex email campaigns that will drive maximum engagement and revenue.

A New Way to Navigate Bronto

The platform navigation has been reorganized into more logical groupings, making it faster to find what is needed. In addition, the navigation has changed from horizontal to a left-side vertical position with clear indication as to where the user is in the platform. The header has been redesigned to provide easy access to bookmarks, the Knowledge Base, the notification center, and account information. Plus, the interface has an updated look and feel.

Time Zone Sending

Marketers can now send messages at a specified time in their contacts' time zones without building multiple segments and scheduling multiple deliveries. This saves marketers a tremendous amount of time and increases the likelihood of contacts clicking through.

Powerful Reporting

The ability to automatically export reports enable users to schedule one-time or recurring exports of specific reports, allowing marketers to spend time analyzing data instead of manually exporting data.

Other key reporting enhancements to specific reports include:

  • Export products and categories purchased as a result of a delivery via Line Item Export.
  • Export email metrics at the individual contact level for all Delivery, Split Group and Message Reports.
  • Export of Email Delivery and Message summary reports now include the associated campaign ID.
  • All orders can now be displayed on the Orders search page and are included when exporting search results.


Additional nodes are now supported, which simplifies designs by filtering contacts based on prior activity in a workflow and support moving contacts between different workflows. With one click, Workflow Clean Up automatically reorganizes and aligns nodes to make it easier to view and edit entire workflows.

Shopify Flow

The integration with Shopify has been enhanced through the Shopify Flow ecosystem to allow Shopify Plus customers to build out workflows that include a Bronto call-to-action — Add to Bronto List — which takes an email address from a template variable in Shopify and adds it to a specified list in Bronto. This allows customers to connect workflows triggered by other third-party solutions to Bronto without complex technical implementations.

Transparency and Alignment with Privacy and Security Regulations and Standards

With this release, we made additional enhancements to ensure we continue to earn the trust of our users and provide even more transparency in our actions — making it easy for you to do the same for your customers.

Platform Status

The newly launched site provides real-time status of each of our systems so users are aware of any unexpected delays or outages without the need to contact Bronto Support or their account managers.

ISO 27001 Certification

Bronto has completed ISO 27001 Certification, which indicates the successful completion of an independent audit of our processes for managing information security risks, including:

  • Protecting customer and consumer data, datacenters, and codebase.
  • Implementing a development lifecycle, including processes designed to help ensure code is properly reviewed and passes quality assurance standards before being released to our customers.

GDPR Enablement

Enhancements across the platform to support your ability to maintain GDPR compliance include:

  • Integration of refreshing consent feature in both workflows and contact import to enable an easy and seamless way to handle contacts.
  • Support of double opt-in is automatically handled by the system via workflow.
  • Automatic recording of consent or unsubscribe for any contact in the system and provide the ability to export consent logs for a single contact or site.
  • Pop-Up Manager now supports obtaining explicit consent from site visitors.
  • Improved access to data related to unsubscribes via contact export and API.

We also have a consistent mechanism for purging customer data from our system, which provides an easily accessible audit trail and records key events in the purging process. This ensures each of the major data sources in our system is fully integrated in compliance with GDPR’s guidelines on data retention.

We are really excited about all the new and enhanced solutions in the Fall 2018 release that our customers can take advantage of. Be sure to check out What’s New in the Knowledge Base for additional details.