With our latest updates to the Bronto Marketing Platform, we’ve released a wide variety of enhancements to existing functionality and provided some new capabilities.

As retailers head into the 2019 holiday season, we want to focus on two areas of the release — pop-ups and text messages — which can help drive shopper engagement and revenue across multiple touchpoints, devices and channels. 

Expanded Pop-Up Capabilities

For email marketers, the next-best thing to a conversion is capturing a shopper’s email address, and it’s widely accepted that email capture pop-ups are one of the most effective strategies to collect new contacts.

We made two major enhancements to our Pop-Up Manager tool to help reduce your website’s bounce rate and better measure your pop-up’s performance.

Exit Pop-Up
In addition to triggering desktop and mobile pop-up modals and ribbons when shoppers arrive on your site, we created the ability to display a desktop pop-up modal when customers begin to navigate away from your website.

Exit pop-ups are a great way for you to interact with contacts before they leave your site, encouraging customers to complete their purchase with a Coupon Manager offer or share their email address. As your website traffic increases during the holidays, take advantage of exit pop-ups to recapture lost sales from potential abandoners.

Google Analytics Pop-Up Event Tracking
We added Google Analytics event tracking support to Pop-Up Manager. This seamless integration enables marketers to measure their pop-up’s view, click and submission event statistics as well as their customers’ website behavior after interacting with the pop-up.

Simply toggle on this feature when activating your pop-up and log into Google Analytics to review the results.

New & Improved SMS Capabilities

During the 2018 Holiday season, smartphones accounted for nearly 31% of online revenue, marking a 35% lift from 2017 — almost 50% more than the previous two years. And for the first time ever, smartphones made up more than half of all retailer website traffic (51%), an 11% increase from the previous year.

To capitalize on these shifts in consumer behavior, we’ve made significant improvements to our SMS capabilities. These SMS enhancements give you the opportunity to reach your customers in the right place, at the right time and on the device they can’t do without.

SMS Workflow Enhancements
We introduced new SMS trigger nodes and updated action nodes to help you build more meaningful mobile interactions and integrate multichannel customer journeys.

Our new SMS is Sent and Incoming Basic Keyword trigger nodes enable SMS remails or follow-ups based on your customers’ interactions with the original SMS delivery.

If you us a workflow with the Order Is Added or Order Is Shipped trigger nodes, you can send SMS order confirmation or shipping confirmation transactional messages when SMS consent is captured and a phone number is associated with the order.

SMS Consent
To adhere to SMS opt-in regulations and achieve parity with our email subscription consent records, we provided the ability to easily export SMS consent. Our SMS consent record logs when a mobile number is added, changed, deleted or removed from a keyword subscription, as well as the source of where that action happened.

The SMS consent data is compiled and added as a separate file in your consent log; which can be downloaded in your Export Site Consent Records report.

Saving time and optimizing resources is even easier

With major updates to our Pop-Up Manager and SMS features right before the 2019 holiday season, the Bronto Marketing Platform continues to help marketers grow revenue, save time and optimize resources with a solution that helps make sophisticated email marketing easy. Full details of all the features in this release are available in the Bronto Knowledge Base.