Bronto is pleased to introduce the Dynamic Ribbon, available now in our Pop-Up Manager app. Use the feature to trigger pop-up messages that can boost your list growth with messages that stay pinned to the top of your website and are less intrusive for mobile shoppers. Dynamic Ribbon will be helpful to commerce marketers who want to:
  • Improve mobile users’ experience with their websites.
  • Use pop-ups to grow their subscriber lists.
  • Allow visitors to sign up even after they discard the pop-up. 

How It Works

Dynamic Ribbon displays a line of text, or call to action, such as “Join our mailing list.” The ribbon can be used with desktop or mobile devices, and it adapts to mobile-screen orientations, so it will expand and resize in portrait or landscape mode.


When website visitors click on the Dynamic Ribbon, it displays your designated pop-up. Visitors can close the pop-up by clicking “X” and can re-open it by clicking anywhere on the ribbon. When the pop-up is open, they can enter their email to subscribe to your list or close the pop-up. If they close it, the ribbon remains on your website, so visitors can subscribe later. The ribbon goes away only after the website visitor signs up or closes the ribbon.


Google’s Interstitial Penalties

Dynamic Ribbon may be especially helpful for retailers looking for pop-up options that don’t visually obscure content on their mobile sites. Google announced that starting January 10, 2017 the use of “intrusive interstitials,” including some pop-ups, may negatively impact websites’ mobile search rankings.

Google’s mobile-search rank for your website can be significantly affected by market and seasonal considerations, and many variables determine Google search rankings, so we won’t know how this change actually will impact retailers until it happens.

For more information about how to use Dynamic Ribbon, search Bronto Help. And be sure to share with your Bronto account manager how Dynamic Ribbon is impacting your list growth, conversions and mobile-search ranking with Google.