Bronto's new Bronto Labs section was recently added to the application. This is an area where features that our development team is working on can be rolled out a bit early for clients that want to be on the bleeding-edge of what Bronto is offering. One of the first beta features we've rolled out is our new Comparison Reports.

What is a comparison report?

A comparison report allows you to compare multiple items (deliveries, messages, automated message rules, or delivery groups) with one another. You can compare a maximum of six deliveries, messages, automated message rules, or delivery groups in one report.  This will allow you to get a very quick feel for how certain messages and campaigns are performing in comparison to others.

How to build a comparison report

In order to create a comparison report, you must first enable the feature in Bronto Labs. To access Labs, go to the Home tab > Settings > Bronto Labs.  From here, just click the 'Enable' button next to the Comparison Report feature.

Once they are enabled, putting together a comparison report is actually very simple. To get started, just go to the Reporting tab > Comparison Report to load up a blank report.  From here, you can use the controls that appear in the blank report to add deliveries, messages, automated message rules and even delivery groups. Just click the button for the type of item you'd like to add. 

Clicking on any of the buttons will pop up a window that will allow you to choose from all of the items of that type in your account. As soon as you select an item to add, it will be populated into the comparison report in the first column, and the 'Add item's' box will appear in the next column so that you can continue to add things to compare. Each item will be displayed in its own column.

How to read the comparison report

Each column of the comparison report will contain some standard information at the very top, including the type of item in the column, the name of the item , and the subject line. This should make for easy differentiation between the items you have chosen. For our purposes today, we'll be dealing with comparing deliveries to each other.

In the next section of each column, you will see all of the high-level metrics for each delivery. They are color coded so you can easily see which item performed best.

Below the metrics list, you will see a control that allows you to switch between different views, including Opens (the default), Clicks and Conversions. Selecting a different view will change the bottom portion of each column to reflect the view you have chosen. For this post, we'll be looking only at the Opens view.

Below the view switcher control, you'll see comparisons of the Delivered vs. Open statics for each delivery. This is represented in the form of a bar graph, just as in a regular message report. In addition to displaying the open stats for each delivery, this particular view will also display the Contact Loss, Undeliverable and 'Other' metrics (Friend Forwards, Social Shares, etc.). So all of this information is available at a glance for up to 6 items at a time.

So that should get you started on creating and reading your first comparison report in Bronto. It should be noted again that this is a beta feature and is subject to change as it is developed and improved. If you have any questions or notice any issues with this or any other Bronto Labs feature, please contact our Labs feedback group at

Lucas Weber
Support Services Manager