Congratulations! You invested in your advertising, email and SEO – and it worked! The consumers you’ve been coveting have navigated through all the competition and found their way to your website. They’re on your home page, trying to figure out what they want from the hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of products to search through. But it’s all too overwhelming, and just like that, they’re gone. All that hard work and money spent for nothing. If only you could have helped them. Well, now you can!

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the release of Recommendations Web. This extension of our recommendations offerings for email allows you to easily and quickly add dynamic, personalized product recommendations anywhere on your website. You can even use the same set of recommendations on multiple pages, minimizing the need to update or implement custom code when rules or designs change.

Since 2016, our customers have enjoyed great success with using recommendations to help consumers find just the right products in their email campaigns. With Recommendations Web, you can now provide the same great experience to consumers on your ecommerce website. And you can do it all from within the Bronto Marketing Platform.

“Seeing what the recommendations tool has done for our emails, I cannot wait to get Recommendations Web live,” said Matt Grimm, director of ecommerce at RST Brands, a manufacturer of premium outdoor furniture. “Having a tool like this on our NetSuite SuiteCommerce site will change how we interact with our site visitors. The Bronto team has put great thought into how this solution works, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch it.”

What are you waiting for? Contact your account manager to learn about how this new offering can add more value to your website. And don’t miss "Introducing Recommendations Web!" on May 16. Register for the webinar today!