Bronto Summit 2017 has come and gone, but what a week it was! Retail innovator Uri Minkoff shared how technology can dramatically enhance the customer experience, and Bronto General Manager Carolyn Sparano helped us see the potential for the future of retail. And throughout the week, we were treated to a variety of great sessions by some of today’s top commerce marketers. With access to so much expertise, we couldn’t let them go without asking some of our fabulous speakers for their thoughts on a few hot topics and industry tactics. So far, they’ve shared how to overcome the challenges of omnichannel marketing, the expectations of today’s consumers and their strategies for success with ongoing engagement, mobile marketing and personalization. Today’s topic: What will be the biggest breakthrough in commerce marketing in 2017?
Barbara Karpf - President, DecoratorsBest
Mobile is finally coming into its own, and I see 2017 as “The Year of Mobile.” Last year, mobile sales skyrocketed (ours included), and this trend is expected to increase significantly. Focusing on your mobile site and gearing it toward customers on the run who need access to information in a nanosecond is extremely important. Navigation, product detail pages and speed are all essential for a positive mobile experience.
Stephanie UrbanStephanie Urban - Director of Digital Marketing, Tarte Cosmetics
It may not happen this year, but I’m waiting for a retail brand to really crack the code on monetizing VR/AR. Can someone make it easy and fun to use, and also worth the investment without becoming the next Pokémon Go?
Scott Perry - Senior VP of Digital Marketing, Jerome's Furniture
This year is going to be the year for omnichannel. Up to this point, many companies have missed the boat on this and ended up going out of business. They were just too late to react to the omnichannel customer’s needs. But in 2017, I think a lot of brands will close the loop and actually cross the finish the line.
Steven Perissinotto - Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, VetShop Group
Innovations in delivery will mean we will be able to deliver orders quicker and when the customer wants it.
Adam Wolff - Marketing Analyst, Woodwind & Brasswind
The continued expansion and improvements within personalization. As the engines ingesting customer data are becoming more intelligent and the marketers that are using the technology are honing their own skills, 2017 should be another step forward in the quest to achieve a true 1:1 relationship with your customers. Want more ideas and best practices from savvy commerce marketers like these? Join us for a Commerce Marketing Evolution event in the coming months. We’d love to see you there!