Envelopes.com did a session on courting your customers through a welcome series using Workflow Automation. It’s in this session that Laura made the famous claim that workflows are the best thing since sliced bread. She also says that once you get started with workflows, you’ll quickly become addicted. Here are three tips from Laura's session for creating welcome series workflows:
  1. Send different messages based on how they opted in. For example, if they came in through a webform, they would get a different welcome message than if they opted in in-store. Workflow Automation makes it easy to do this. Workflows are designed to trigger off of contact actions. There are a number of triggers you can use here, including Webform Event, Initial Incoming SMS with Keyword, or the Received API Event for tracking opt-ins at point of sale.

Learn more about Workflow Automation trigger nodes here.

  1. Personalize welcome messages with Dynamic Content. This lets you tailor your messages to specific audiences by using Field Tags, which use data about your contacts stored in fields to populate email message content. You can use data from any field in your messages.

Learn more about Dynamic Content here.

  1. Test everything about your messages. Length of series, content, creative, offers, message sequence, etc. One of the unique aspects of A/B testing in Bronto is that in addition to testing common variables such as subject line, from name and address, and date and time of send, you can also test the full content of the message. Also, here’s a tip: You can use the Interval filter node in Workflow Automation as a testing tool. This node filters the workflow in intervals, sending X number of contacts down the YES path and all others down the NO path. This is a way to the effectiveness of varying paths in your message series.

Learn more about A/B testing here... and about the Interval filter node here.

Get in the node! Damian Trzebunia (Che-boon-ya) Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software]]>