In August, we shared best practices for Segments, specifically how to identify contacts in your account with more precision and flexibility. This time, we’ll take a look at lesser-known List features that are great for high-level organization.

Contact Details

Looking for more information about contacts on a particular list? Navigate to Tables, and select Lists. Then, locate and select the name of the list you are working with. Click on “View Contacts,” then select “Choose Visible Columns” (icon circled in the image). lists Here, you can show or hide additional Table Settings. This allows flexibility for viewing and reporting general attributes about the list. You can also see data that is not included in an export, such as External ID (API).

List Splitting

Splitting a list allows you to take an original list and split it into up to five separate lists. To split a list, navigate again to Tables, select Lists, and choose your list. Select the “Split” option on the top right. split-listsGive the new split list a name under “Internal Name,” and designate the percentages into which you’d like to split the list, under “List Split Names & Percentages.” Keep in mind that the total of the percentages must equal 100%. To split the list into fewer than five lists, leave one or more percentage values at zero. Let’s say, for example, you have a list of 100,000 contacts and want to split it into three Split Lists. You could designate the list-split percentages at 50%, 30%, 20%, 0% and 0% to get three smaller lists in place of the larger original list. After you select “Split” at the bottom of the page, your new lists will be created using random groups of contacts within the original list. Your new lists will have the Internal Name and the Split Name appended to the end.

List Labels

One of my favorite, lesser-known features in the Bronto Marketing Platform is List Labels. You can use them to organize and visually group your lists by any label you choose. Navigate to Tables, and select Lists. You can select one or more lists by clicking the check box to the left of each list. To select all lists for labeling, click the check box at the top. Then, click Labels. Here, you can add a new label or choose from existing labels you have set up. Once you choose a label and save it, you will see the label in the “All Lists” view. By clicking on a label, you can change the color or remove it completely. list-labels I hope these tips will help aid in your everyday use of Lists. As always, don’t forget to check out our Help section inside the Bronto Marketing Platform. And remember, Bronto technical support is just an email, call or click away.