In this installment of Bronto Support’s most frequently asked questions, we’ll take a closer look at Messages and the best practices we recommend for editing scheduled and sent messages.

Schedule a Send

The Delivery Scheduling section allows you to specify when your email will be sent. Send it immediately by clicking the “Send email message now” radio button, or select a specific time to send it. While you can’t recall email messages you’ve sent, you can edit links in a message after it’s been sent. When your message includes a broken link, you can fix it. When an item sells out quickly, you can easily offer another product in its place. You can also cancel a scheduled email message that hasn't yet been sent or stop an email that has begun sending before the send process is complete.

Stop an Outgoing Message

To stop delivery of a scheduled email that’s in the outgoing email message queue, you must first stop the delivery. Then, reschedule your message to include any changes you’ve made since you first scheduled it for delivery. If you don't do this, changes you make will not be included until the next delivery of the email message. You can stop any outgoing delivery by navigating to Messages > Deliveries. Select “Outgoing” in the upper left corner. Check the box next to the message you want to stop, and click the red “Stop Delivery” button at the bottom of that table. You cannot restart a delivery, so to send a message to the remainder of your targeted audience, you must identify the contacts that have already received the message so you can exclude that group from the new delivery. To find those contacts, click on the “View Delivery Report” icon next to the canceled delivery, and choose “Add contacts to list.” For contact filter, select “Sent” and decide whether you want to add those contacts to a new or existing list. Once they have been moved to the appropriate list, schedule the re-send and exclude that list.

Repair a Link in a Sent Message

Sometimes, you may learn after sending a message that a URL you included was wrong or did not work. Fear not – you can repair that link! While the URL is not altered in the content of messages already sent, email recipients who click on the URL will be directed to the new page. Here’s how to do it: Edit the link in the original message. Navigate to Messages > Delivery, and locate the delivery for the message you want to update. Click the “Delivery Report” icon associated with that delivery (on the right). Next, select the “Clicks” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the pencil icon next to the link you want to change. In the “Edit Live URL” box, change the URL to the new one you would like to use and click “Apply.” When a contact clicks on the repaired link in a message that meets one of these criteria, he or she will be sent to the new, updated URL. Lastly, click “OK” to exit or “Edit Message” to return to the message. Please Note: When you repair a link, the link is updated in all previously sent deliveries of the message, those that are in the process of sending and those that were scheduled to send before the link was repaired. If there are multiple instances of the same broken URL, you only need to edit one.   Be sure to test your message with the new link. Send yourself a test of the message with the corrected links. Once the message has reached your inbox, open it and click on the links you just repaired. If the links are still a problem, check out Fix a Link in Bronto Help.

Get Started

Following these tips will help you edit your pending deliveries and update links in your sent messages. Remember, Bronto Support is available 24 hours a day from Sunday at 6 p.m EDT – Friday at 11 p.m. EDT to help with your questions, and we’re always happy to assist! That’s it for now, but stay tuned for future posts with more FAQs and best practices from your friendly neighborhood Support team here at Bronto.