Greetings from the Bronto Support team! Our Support Associates from across the globe have compiled a list of some of the questions we hear most, and we want to share our insight with you. These questions span the App from top to bottom, covering contacts to reporting and many things in between. We hope you can use this post as a reference for some of your most burning Bronto questions, but we’re always here to help with any others you may have. And we do mean always!

Our recently expanded Support Hours are Monday-Friday 3 a.m.-11 p.m. EST, so there’s rarely a time when you can’t reach us with questions. Without further ado, let’s answer some questions!

What is onboarding, and why are my contacts stuck in this mysterious status?

Every new and active contact that you import into Bronto is added with a status of onboarding, and they will remain in that status until you send them their first marketing message from the account. Once that first marketing message is sent, they move through the automated onboarding process, which assesses the legitimacy of new contacts as you send to them for the first time. This mitigates the risk of these contacts negatively affecting your email deliverability, email delivery ratings and sender rating. The automated onboarding process lasts 48 hours. Once a contact completes automated onboarding, their status changes to active. The best way to ensure that all new contacts move through the automated onboarding process smoothly is to confirm that all new contacts are being added to your main Marketing list. That way, you can be certain they'll be sent a marketing message and begin the onboarding process.

How can I make my segments calculate both active and inactive contacts?

By default, segments are only going to calculate active contacts, but not to worry – you can edit the advanced options within a segment to have it calculate either all Contacts or only inactive contacts. To change this setting, edit the segment and select the “Advanced” option. Then, change the contact filter within the "Show" drop-down menu.

Advanced Segment OptionsWhy does my testing contact have a status of transactional?

Transactional contacts are contacts who have completed an action that triggers a transactional message from your account (i.e. order confirmation, shipment confirmation, test message, etc.) but have not signed up to receive your marketing messages. When an internal contact is added to the account after having received a test message, they are added as transactional as they haven’t yet subscribed to your marketing messages. To ensure that your internal testing contacts are added with an active status, be sure to import them into Bronto prior to sending that test message.

How can I make sure my contacts only go through my workflow once?

Workflows have a very handy tool that was created just for this purpose. It's called throttling. To throttle a workflow, click on the Contact Throttling option located at the top left of the workflow palette and adjust accordingly.

Contact Throttling OptionsI have a list with contacts in it already, but when I activate my workflow, those contacts never trigger it. Why?

Simply activating a workflow won’t trigger it for existing contacts on a list. A workflow will only trigger when a change has been made to a contact. For example, it will trigger when contacts are added to a list or removed from a list. To trigger a workflow for a list of existing contacts, you can create a new, blank list and use that as the trigger in the workflow. Then, once the workflow is activated, merge the contacts into that new list.

These are just a handful of the frequently asked questions we get here in Support, and we hope the answers prove helpful in your daily Bronto routine. If you run into anything else, just let us know. We’re here for you! And don't forget about our handy Help resources, available at the top right of every page in Bronto.

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