We’re back with the next round of Bronto Support’s most frequently asked questions. Our previous post answered your most pressing questions on contacts and workflows, and now we'll dive into webforms and reporting. As always, we know you may have other questions, so don’t forget about our recently expanded support hours. Support Services are available via Live Chat and web case 24 hours between 6pm EST Sunday and 9pm EST Friday. We are always happy to help! Now let’s dive right in.

How do I link to a webform within my messages?

Webform links are specific to each contact, so you need to generate those links with a Special Tag. Special tags for webforms use the syntax %%!webform_url%% - with ‘webform’ being replaced by the type of webform you are linking to. For example, here are some of the most commonly used Webform Special Tags: %%!manage_url%% - Default Manage Preferences %%!unsubscribe_url%% - Default Unsubscribe %%!forward_url%% - Default Forward to a Friend If you want to link to a non-default webform, you'll need to add the Webform ID to the end of the Special Tag. You can find Webform IDs within the "All Webforms" table located in Content > Webforms. For example, if you would like to link to a non-default Manage Preferences webform with a form ID of 6404, the special tag for that webform would look like this: %%!manage_url_6404%%

How can I track who has filled out a webform?

The best way to track the contacts who submitted a webform is with a list. Simply create a list specifically for that webform, and automatically add contacts to the list when they submit it. For example, to track which contacts have used your manage preferences webform, create a list called “Submitted Manage Preferences Webform,” and add that list to your webform by dragging it over from the Content Block palette on the left. To automatically add contacts who submit the form, change the list’s display option to “Auto add (hidden)” using the edit option.

webformsHow can I see how many contacts were added to my account in a given time frame?

The best way to find out is to create a segment based on contact creation date. Just choose “Contacts” as the category and “Created Date” as the criterion. You can base it on a set date range, such as January 1 – February 1, or on rolling dates, such as last week or the last 30 days. Either way will work! Another option is to use the segment templates, which are found on the “All Segments” page of your account. There are a few templates that start with “New Subscribers.” You can use one of those as is or edit it to cover the time frame you want to see.

How do I see the number of emails we sent last year?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and there’s a very convenient way to obtain that information! Just edit the time frame that’s visible within the “All Deliveries” delivery group report. To get to that delivery group report, navigate to Messages > Delivery Groups and then click on the small red report icon to the far right. Once inside that report, click on the calendar icon to the top right. This is where you can edit the time frame to show you the report within the last year, week, month, etc. And you can always create a custom time frame for that report, so the possibilities are endless! All Deliveries reportThat’s all for now. But as we’re always updating and adding new features to the Bronto App for you to explore, we know you’re bound to have other questions along the way. Stay tuned for future posts with more FAQs from the team, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!