In the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday we told you about all the steps we were taking at Bronto to get ready for the busy times ahead. It’s a good thing we were prepared, because “busy” doesn’t begin to describe the level of emailing activity we had on the Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP). Maybe these stats will give you a better idea.
  • During a seven-day period (Nov. 25-Dec. 1) our average sends per day was higher than our previous record for most emails sent on Black Friday.
  • Speaking of Black Friday, by 8 am. that day we’d already surpassed our typical Friday 24-hour email volume.
  • We increased our previous Black Friday send record by a whopping 55%.
That was just a prelude to Cyber Monday, when things kicked up a notch … or three.
  • We bested our previous Cyber Monday send record (from 2013) by 50%
  • Our peak hourly email send rates were 200% higher than last year’s peak send rates.
  • 81% percent of our clients’ completed carts were associated with a contact in the Bronto system. That’s definitive proof that our marketing reaches people who purchase.
  • In that single day, clients using our Cart Recovery App pulled in 233% more in cart revenue than they’d paid for the use of Cart Recovery for an entire year. Talk about a return on investment!
Put simply: Bronto produced a tidal wave of sends. But we also helped ensure things went smoothly for our clients during those peak shopping days.

How we did it

If you read our pre-Black Friday post, you already know a great deal about our preparations, so we’ll just list a few of the highlights here.
  • We split databases (to have fewer clients per database) and added database servers.
  • Tens of new HBase storage storage servers were added to help workflows, segments, orders, etc.
  • Storage controllers were upgraded for faster database performance.
  • We implemented a new network infrastructure.
  • User front-end servers were separated from tracking front-end servers for faster BMP access.
  • New caching servers provided faster data access.
That’s just a partial list. And it doesn’t include the 16+ hour workdays many of our support personnel logged to make sure things ran smoothly for all our customers.

Moving Forward

In engineering, we're already analyzing our Black Friday/Cyber Monday performance and working on making short-term and longer-term enhancements to get us ready for 2015 and beyond. There’s no time to rest because the future promises only more sending (and more revenue) for our customers!