Many Bronto users send messages related to a specific order, previous purchase or items left in a shopping cart. Whether triggered by a workflow or the API, these messages need to be able to display specific, relevant details for a variable amount of line items. Cue one of the awesome features of Bronto’s new Message Editor – Smart Content! Smart Content Our new drag-and-drop Message Editor, now available to all users through Bronto Labs, offers Smart Content elements for both API and Cart/Order Loops. Designing the repeatable sections of a message is now as straightforward and powerful as the rest of the Message Editor functionality. Easily repeat elements for each iteration of the loop by dragging your preferred attributes in between the Begin and End markers of the editor. Repeatable Elements The example above uses the Cart/Order Loop Smart Content element to create an order summary email. We selected the dynamic attributes Item Name and Item Description and placed them between the Begin and End Loop markers. As you can see in the preview below, these details dynamically display in the body of the message for each line item in the order or cart. We also added a gray horizontal spacer that will repeat in each iteration of the loop. Message Editor Sample Email And just like every other message created with the new drag-and-drop Message Editor, all elements have responsive behavior built in! Responsive Example Stay tuned for more new features, enhancements and improvements to Message Editor. Tried the new drag-and-drop Message Editor already? Let us know what you think. We’re always listening!