Spambots are a threat to many websites. They eat up bandwidth, can be used for DDOS attacks, and perhaps most annoyingly, they add fake accounts as new contacts. Bronto takes security very seriously. We don’t want to expose our customers to these vulnerabilities. With security in mind, we are happy to announce that CAPTCHA is now available for use on the Add Contacts webform! To use this new feature, go to your current Add Contacts webform, pull the CAPTCHA Special Purpose Content Block into it, and save your changes. CAPTCHA Content BlockThe rest of the Add Contacts webform will behave the same way, and your contacts can now subscribe to future communications and add their preferences. Webform PreferencesThis new CAPTCHA functionality will help keep your sites clear of spambots, your contact lists free of unwanted email addresses, and your sender ratings and deliverability scores high. We hope this change will encourage more Bronto customers to use the Add Contacts webform along with pop-up sign-ups to engage even more contacts.